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For Electric Cooperative Members
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Thinking About Going Solar?

MVEC is here to help

If powering your home or business with solar energy is a step you’re ready to take, let MVEC help you make an informed decision. Installing your own solar generation system will require you to work with, and sign a contract with, a third-party provider. We’re here to equip you with relevant information and help you ask the right questions before making your decision.

If you are considering installing a solar generation system, you should contact us very early in your decision-making process. Our representatives will be glad to take the time to answer your questions and provide both technical and procedural information regarding your potential solar installation. You can also visit our website at to determine if solar energy is right for you.

If you have made the decision to install a solar generation system in your home, it is important to get familiar with MVEC’s process for connecting a system. You and your installer will have to review and fill out Magic Valley’s interconnection documents and forms in order to safely connect your solar generation system onto MVEC’s power grid. Having that information will help you determine—with expert assistance—the size and type of system best suited to your situation.

When connecting your solar generation system on to MVEC’s grid, MVEC will need to install a net meter at your home. A net meter allows MVEC members to safely connect their solar generation system onto MVEC’s grid and also allows MVEC to correctly bill members for any consumption or excess production that they may have.

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How does Net Metering work?

A net meter allows energy to flow in both directions. If a member overproduces during the day, any excess production that is not consumed at the time of production will flow through the meter and onto MVEC’s grid, causing the meter to spin backwards. As a member consumes energy off MVEC’s grid, the meter spins forward. At the end of a member’s billing cycle, MVEC will take the net amount, forward spins minus reverse spins, and bill members based on net consumption.

If net consumption is positive, members will be billed for the energy that was consumed off MVEC’s grid as well as the monthly customer charge and any applicable taxes. If net consumption is zero or negative, members will only be billed the monthly customer charge, along with any applicable taxes. Please note that MVEC does not buy back any excess production, nor do we credit forward to the following month.

Does MVEC buy any excess energy that I produce?

MVEC does not buy back or credit forward any excess energy produced by a member owned generation system.

Does MVEC credit for months with over production?

MVEC does not credit for months with overproduction. Production is calculated and billed within a billing cycle; any excess production will not be carried over to the next billing cycle.

Will I be getting a bill from MVEC if I go solar?

Yes. Although connected to a privately owned solar generation system, members will still receive a monthly bill from Magic Valley. Members can expect to receive a monthly bill that will consist of the customer charge plus any energy that was supplied by MVEC, as well as any applicable taxes. Members that produce 100% of their energy needs will still receive a monthly statement that will include the customer charge and any applicable taxes.

What happens with my generation system during a power outage?

All member-owned, grid-connected, generation systems are required to shut down during an out-age to prevent any back-feeding of electricity into de-energized power lines. It’s important to have this shutdown feature to prevent injuries—and even death—to those working on restoring power.

If you are ready to take the next step and install a solar generation system, we invite you to visit our website at to download and review the documents and forms that you will need to submit for approval in order to safely connect your solar generation system onto MVEC’s grid.