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For Electric Cooperative Members
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Co-ops Support Quiet Revolution

Message from General Manager/CEO Jeff Lane

If you listen carefully, you can hear a quiet transformation happening. Electric appliances and equipment are becoming more popular than ever among consumers, thanks to technological advancements, increased battery capacity and decreased costs that have made electric devices more accessible to more people. A bonus is that use of electric equipment is quieter and better for the environment.

Trinity Valley Electric Cooperative is constantly evaluating these advancements and maintaining our electric distribution equipment to ensure we can serve your electricity needs.

Inside the home, consumers and homebuilders alike are turning to electric appliances to increase energy efficiency and savings. Whether a traditional electric stove or an induction stovetop, both are significantly more efficient than a gas oven. That’s because conventional residential cooktops typically use gas or resistance heating elements to transfer energy with efficiencies of about 32% and 75% respectively, according to Energy Star.

More tools and equipment with small gas-powered motors are being replaced with electric ones that include plug-in batteries. In the past few years, technology in battery storage has advanced significantly. Handheld tools with plug-in batteries can hold a charge longer and offer the user the same versatility and similar functionality as gas-powered tools. And consumers can now purchase a wider array of specialty tools that plug in, such as power inverters, air inflators and battery chargers.

The number of electric products available today is taking off, and TVEC is ready to power all your gadgets with safe, reliable and affordable electricity.

Almost anything that burns gasoline or diesel fuel has an electric alternative, and more national brands are offering a wider selection of electric-powered items such as lawn mowers, leaf blowers, string trimmers and snowblowers. The quality of zero- and low-emissions lawn equipment is also improving.

Electric equipment requires less maintenance, and often the biggest task is keeping it charged. In addition, electric equipment is quieter, so if you want to listen to music or your favorite podcast while performing outdoor work, you can.

Another benefit of using electric appliances and equipment is that by virtue of being plugged into the grid, the environmental performance of electric devices improves over time. In essence, electricity is becoming cleaner through increased renewable energy generation, so equipment that uses electricity will have a diminishing environmental impact over time.

Through this quiet transformation, TVEC is at the ready to serve you.