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For Electric Cooperative Members
For Electric Cooperative Members
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Cooperating for You

There is a powerful team behind your power

In April, we highlighted the men behind your power—the crews who work long hours through all weather elements to keep your lights on. We appreciate their hard work, and it’s important to recognize that it takes a team to deliver safe, reliable electricity to you. From the member service reps in our five member offices, to the accountants in our general office, to the engineers and public relations, human resources, IT services, mapping, arborist and other professionals, it truly takes cooperation from our whole team to provide service to you.

It seems fitting to talk about cooperation this month since October is recognized as National Cooperative Month. There are a lot of things that make co-ops great—adhering to the Seven Cooperative Principles, for example. But the thing that makes Medina EC exceptional is the employees who fulfill those principles.

I’ve asked some employees why they like working for Medina EC, and more often than not the response includes something about taking part in making a difference in the lives of our members. That says a lot about the people behind you energy. They take pride in knowing they are in some way responsible for you being able to turn the lights on each day.

Part of their commitment, I believe, is because the people who work here are more than just workers. They are your neighbors. They shop at your local grocery stores and send their kids to the same schools you do; you sit next to them in church and find them at community events.

Employees have the opportunity to give back beyond their daily work expectations. We have a volunteer program that allows each employee eight hours during the year to give back to the community. You may have seen groups building ramps, setting up for community events, giving back at local fairs and reading to kids. It’s been neat seeing our employees’ passion for the communities in our service area served in this capacity.

Our motto at Medina EC is to exceed member expectations and it’s become second nature for the team. I’ve always felt that some of the best workers in the business are right here at your electric cooperative. Nothing makes me more proud than hearing a compliment from a member about how one of our team members not only provided basic service but went beyond their expectations. They cooperate together to provide you the best service. If you want to see our employees in action, follow our social media pages as we celebrate their hard work and dedication to our members and community,

Mark Rollans