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For Electric Cooperative Members
For Electric Cooperative Members
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Cooperatives Take Cue From Declaration of Independence

Cooperation among cooperatives is essential

Cooperation—it’s the lifeblood of electric cooperatives and a concept vital to the success of our form of business.

If you’ve heard the old saying that there is power in numbers, then you understand why Cooperative Principle No. 6, Cooperation Among Cooperatives, is key for us. Cooperatives serve their members best when they work together.

Trinity Valley Electric Cooperative embraces and relies on Cooperation Among Cooperatives in a number of ways. At the most basic level, electric cooperatives support one another in times of crisis. When a storm or other disaster strikes one of our fellow electric co-ops, we’re prepared to offer whatever help we can to restore service as quickly as possible. And if we need help, our neighbors will be there for us.

After Hurricane Harvey, TVEC sent crews to help restore power at Victoria Electric Co-op, which is located on one of the areas hardest hit by the storm.

Don Johnson

We also collaborate with other co-ops to better serve our members and communities through programs such as Youth Tour, safety education outreach and employee training.

Electric co-ops in Texas combine forces through Texas Electric Cooperatives, our statewide association, and the results of our efforts are a testament to the power of cooperation. When small organizations wield the strength of a unified movement, they grow in clout, efficiency and economy. When we work together, great things happen.

The power of numbers gives us a louder voice at the state Capitol, so that when legislators make decisions about energy, our members are well-represented. Our culture of safety spreads most effectively when we share safety training resources and expertise through the association’s Loss Control program.

We also save money through our TEC membership. The economies of scale created when co-ops combine their buying power lower costs for poles and equipment and even the printing and production costs of this magazine.

Nationally, we join forces with more than 900 electric cooperatives through the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. This group not only has the ears of Washington decision-makers but also represents cooperative interests before regulatory bodies. NRECA also provides us with critical information about new technologies that can help us control costs, improve productivity and deliver superior service.

We also belong to Touchstone Energy, a nationwide electric cooperative affiliation that provides us with communications and branding programs such as the Co-op Connections card and a host of online tools to help you save on energy costs. Our participation in Touchstone Energy is just another way we extend the benefits of cooperation and bring greater value to you, our members.

Cooperatives work best when they work together, combining forces to leverage better services and lower prices for their members. When we add our voice to a grand chorus of our fellows, our message gets heard.