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Crank Up Summer Fun, Not Cooling Bills

Enjoy outdoor activities to help reduce energy use

Summer in Texas: It’s hot, and you and the kids don’t want to go outside. But you also don’t want to stay inside and crank up the air conditioner, which can get pricey. Instead try these activities to stay cool and enjoy long summer days without running up your power bill.

Water Fight

Challenge your children to a battle with water balloons, squirt guns, sprinklers and hoses. Evaporation will help keep you cool! Just be sure to pick up all the balloon pieces when you’re done so the little bits don’t become litter or choking hazards.

Giant Ice Cube Melt

Make giant ice blocks in your deep freeze or freezer by filling buckets, dishpans or other big containers with water then freezing them. Then have a race to see who can melt their ice cube fastest using only their body.

Ice-Age Excavation

Take waterproof children’s toys and freeze them in blocks of ice. Use kid-friendly tools to chip and melt away the ice to expose the toys.

‘Bob’ for Ice Cubes

Fill a kiddie pool with water and ice cubes. Have your kids try to kick out as many ice cubes as they can. Whoever kicks out the most ice wins.

Make Popsicles

Freeze fruit juice or fruit purée poured into popsicle molds or ice cube trays to make cool treats.

Jump Rope Water Challenge

Dare your kids to jump rope 10 times while holding a paper cup of water. Whoever has the most water in their cup after 10 hops wins!

Set Up a Slip ’N Slide

Whether rented, purchased or improvised with a tarp and hose, a Slip ’N Slide can provide hours of wet and wild entertainment for the whole family.

Water Table

A water table puts water and toys at toddler height for outdoor play.

Make Ice Cream

Nothing says summer like a homemade creamy and sweet treat. Using a nonelectric ice cream maker is one way to enjoy this summer favorite without cranking up the AC.