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For Electric Cooperative Members
Energy Efficiency

Energy-Saving Resolutions That Save Money

10 ways to be kinder to the environment and your wallet

With the fresh start that the new year brings, it’s a good time to put energy-saving goals on your resolutions list. The responsible use of resources—including fuels and electricity—will benefit the environment and save you money.

Here are 10 tips to keep that resolution in 2023:

1. Seek ways to save money on fuel and increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. That can be as simple as changing your driving habits, removing weight from the trunk and servicing your vehicle regularly.

2. Upgrade to a programmable thermostat and make sure it’s properly set up. Turning back the thermostat overnight and when no one is home can save you 10% or more on heating and cooling costs.

3. Check for air leaks and apply caulk or weatherstripping to seal them. Even if you’ve done this recently, double-check to make certain no leaks were missed and see if any caulk or weatherstripping needs to be replaced.

4. Make sure the attic is properly insulated. Attics are one of the most important and often one of the easiest places in a house to insulate.

5. Seal and insulate the foundation walls of any unventilated crawl spaces and check for moisture and deterioration problems.

6. Landscape with water conservation in mind and triple-check the sprinkler system to make certain there are no leaks and to optimize water coverage.

7. Keep the water heater at 120 degrees and install a water heater insulating blanket.

8. Ensure any appliances and electronics purchased throughout the year are Energy Star rated. They use less energy, save money and help protect the environment.

9. Kill phantom energy loads (aka “vampire power”) by unplugging electronics and appliances when they’re not in use.

10. Share how easy it is to save money and energy at home.