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For Electric Cooperative Members
Energy Efficiency

10 Tips for Spring Energy Savings

Take charge around the home and save

Every season of the year provides unique energy-saving opportunities.

Here are some ideas particularly well suited to spring.

1. Clear the air: Open windows to allow fresh air to circulate.

2. Cook outside: Enjoy the sunshine by using your grill or smoker to add festive flavors to meals.

3. Search and seal: Cracks and spaces let conditioned air slip outdoors. Caulk and weatherstrip to seal leaks.

4. Natural light: Open blinds and curtains and turn off the lights to save energy.

5. Be fan friendly: Use ceiling fans to circulate air and keep cool.

6. Atmospheric adjustment: Remember to adjust your thermostat settings for the warmer months ahead.

7. Tune up: Schedule an appointment with a heating, ventilating and air conditioning technician to identify any potential problems with your system.

8. Peak savings: Plan household chores that require electricity during off-peak hours (when energy demand is low).

9. Take charge: Consider disconnecting electrical devices you don’t use regularly until you need them. Plugged-in devices use energy even when not in use.

10. Move outdoors: Time spent outdoors offers opportunities to turn off lights, TVs, computers and appliances. You’ll be more active, have more fun and save more money.