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For Electric Cooperative Members

Don’t Get Lazy About Summertime Safety

Watch out for these potentially hazardous situations this summer

Don’t let the “lazy daze” of summer make you drop your guard when it comes to electrical safety. With swimming pools, camping trips and an abundance of other outdoor activities, extra caution is in order.

Here are some potentially hazardous situations to watch out for this summer (and always):

  • Extension cords used outside and plugged into an outlet not protected by a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).
  • Extension cords being used outdoors that are not approved for outdoor use.
  • Electrical toys, appliances, tools or cords being used less than 10 feet away from pools and wet surfaces.
  • Improperly installed or the wrong kind of pool wiring and connections.
  • Extension cords running through doorways or traffic areas.
  • Common sense not applied around the use of electricity.

And, the National Electrical Code requires outside power receptacles to be protected by GFCIs. These devices will shut off power if a ground fault occurs, protecting you from electric shock.

If you are not sure whether your outside receptacles are protected by GFCIs, hire an electrical contractor to check them out and ensure your family’s safety.

Summer is a great season; let’s all enjoy it together by thinking about safety first.