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For Electric Cooperative Members
For Electric Cooperative Members
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Drive the Safe Road

Safety is, was and always will be a priority at South Plains Electric Cooperative

This includes the safety of you, our members, as well as that of our employees.

We’re proud of our safety record and the measures we put in place to safeguard those who work to bring you a steady supply of electricity. That especially goes for our lineworkers and support crews, who have some of the most dangerous jobs around.

Our constant focus on safety includes meetings and classes in which employees receive training about staying safe around dangerous equipment and in hazardous situations. South Plains Electric’s strategic plan always contains a strong safety component designed to keep our workers and the public out of harm’s way. We even have a Safety Committee comprised of employees and one representative from the cooperative’s Board of Directors that meets regularly to discuss current challenges.

Working around electricity, often far above the ground and in all weather conditions, is inherently dangerous. But not all of the dangers our employees face come from the weather, climbing or power lines. If you are not paying attention when you are behind the wheel, the danger might come from you.

Sometimes the job of building a line or restoring power places our crews at the sides of narrow roads that run through our service territory. It’s in these situations that you can help keep your South Plains Electric workers safe.

If you see utility vehicles and line crews working, give them and the road ahead all of your attention, as you would with police or fire personnel on the scene.

Slow down and, if it is safe, move over to give crews as much space as possible.

Respect traffic cones and flashing lights and other signals. They could be the only thing between your car and workers or equipment.

With your cooperation, the dangers of line work don’t have to be increased by traffic. There is much our crews can do to enhance their safety, but there’s not much protection from a distracted driver.

Please be careful, be aware, slow down and help protect South Plains Electric’s most valuable asset: our people.