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Focus on Texas: Exploration

Observing your surroundings, whether as a group activity or solitary endeavor, offers seemingly endless rewards

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

—T.S. Eliot, poet and literary critic

Kim Leatherwood, United Cooperative Services: Santa Elena Canyon, Big Bend National Park.

Marvin Miller, Pedernales EC: “Christin Miller has helped her dad explore and survey Texas caves for years.”

J. Reagan Ferguson, Central Texas EC: “Exploring the Longhorn Caverns State Park in the summertime is a great way to cool off.”

Lenora Isenhour, Pedernales EC: “Cousins Ava Isenhour and Nora Lynn frolic on the beach at Port Aransas.”

Denisa McBee, Southwest Texas EC: “While on a visit to our farm, our grandson, Max Dawson, was exploring his granddad’s tractor. He found the perfect spot for a rest.”

Lory Von Staden, Heart of Texas EC: “Exploring murals and downtown Brenham.”

Steve Coyle, Pedernales EC: “I captured this image of my friend Paul midway through our five-day kayak trip down the Devils River in West Texas. It was definitely one of the more adventure-filled journeys of my life.”

Web Extra: Jenna Camp, United Cooperative Services: “A visit to Boquillas while in Big Bend National Park almost feels like a step back in time. A row across the Rio Grande, rent a burro to ride into town, enjoy fresh tacos and a cold cola—simple but life-changing.”

Web Extra: Stephanie Adkins, Pedernales EC: “Our tow plane delivers the glider to the clouds. The orange string shows wind direction.”

Web Extra: Chyrel Kennemer, MidSouth EC: “When exploring some wetlands, I came across a bald eagle sitting on a fence post.”

Web Extra: Ray Pfefferkorn, Bluebonnet EC: “Granddaughter Anna exploring the wonder of nature at the San Marcos River on the Fourth of July.”

Web Extra: Shannon Paul, Tri-County EC: “My young train enthusiast exploring the rails during a Day Out With Thomas the Tank Engine at the Grapevine Vintage Railway.”

Web Extra: Edward Kolenovsky, Bluebonnet EC: “Grandchildren hiking in the Davis Mountains on Thanksgiving holiday.”

Web Extra: Wandrae Leszcynski, Taylor EC: “All four grandsons exploring the pastures west of Wingate.”

Web Extra: Susan Pauler, Fayette EC: “Exploring a Port Aransas beach in the early morning.”