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August 2023 Photo Contest

Focus on Texas: Hoof and Horn

We’ve corralled quite a collection of critters from readers

What a barnburner! This month readers answered the cattle call, and these prizewinning beasts moo-ved into first place. Now that the dust has settled, don’t be baa-shful. Let’s see who’s best in show and who’s just horsing around.

Jeffrey Benson, Pedernales EC: “The big boy from Study Butte down by Big Bend.”

Crystal Valdez, Lyntegar EC: “Muffin was born smaller than her two brothers, but she held on to fight against all odds.”

Maria Castillo, CoServ: “This beauty was captured roaming the fields at my daughter’s wedding venue in Terrell.”

Gail Einkauf, San Bernard EC: “It’s a beautiful thing to watch a mother and offspring and the bond they have. These two hooved beauties frequented our front yard in 2022, and, though it’s hard to tell sometimes, I’m sure they still do.”

Faith Caughron, Trinity Valley EC: “Team roping competition in 2018 at Heritage Trail Cowboy Church in Ben Wheeler.”

Deana Drake, GVEC: “On the way from Hunter to San Antonio.”

Robin Ann Dominguez, Bandera EC: “During a trip to the Fort Worth Stockyards, we were enjoying the cattle drive when these two looked directly at me. The one in front had such a sweet face. The other peeking out from behind had a sassy look that made me laugh.”

Robert B. Green, Grayson-Collin EC: An addax, an antelope native to Africa, at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose.

Steve Kotzur, San Bernard EC: “A mature whitetail buck on a very cold and rainy day in early December.”

Richard Ewald, PenTex Energy: “Hey, what are you looking at, longhorns?”

Rachel Spencer, Central Texas EC: “This is one of our large bucks here on the ranch, taken just before they shed their velvet.”

Melissa Moore, HILCO EC: “Angus is a lover and lives for attention and scratches.”

Carol Kitchens, San Patricio EC: Spring on a farm near Seguin.

Margie Perry, Jackson EC: “A day’s end rest with gentle giant, Mac, at Perry Ranch in Hallettsville.”

Johnathan Kana, Bluebonnet EC: “A friendly Brahman cow near Lexington who thought my phone looked like a yummy snack.”

Karen Martin, GVEC: “Stanley visits us every day over the fence for carrots and apples but especially hugs. He’s the sweetest boy.”

Mark McClendon, Bandera EC: “I was driving around photographing the Hill Country near Uvalde and ran across this mare with her colts.”

Jack Robertson, CECA: “Cattle in Comanche County enduring the 2021 Texas winter storm.”

Shannon Paul, Tri-County EC: “The Fort Worth herd after the cattle drive down East Exchange Avenue at the Fort Worth Stockyards.”

Beverly Whitaker, Heart of Texas EC: “New brother and sister sharing a pan to sleep in.”

Leslie Scouras, Bluebonnet EC: “I enjoy the excitement of the rodeo and try to attend our local one each year during homecoming. This shot shows the brute forces between horse, rider and steer.”

Cassie Canup, Farmers EC: “Sunbathing babes from the Brian Beadle family farm.”