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April 2024 Photo Contest

Focus on Texas: Pollinators

Feeding frenzies ensure flowers for the future

All aflutter, we are humming with anticipation. Photos flew in from every corner of the state, and we managed to alight on a few critters that have crawled their way to the top. No sting of disappointment here, just a swarm of entries that leave us buzzing with excitement.

Mark Boname, Jackson EC: “It is a rare sight to see hummingbirds feeding on sunflowers, but the drought this year in Texas made these little guys feed on whatever they could find.”

Cindy Vigil, GVEC: “Gulf fritillary butterflies love this pride of Barbados.”

Gail Einkauf, San Bernard EC: “Taken at Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls.”

Tommie Calfee, Pedernales EC: “The hummingbirds love the nectar in the colorful pride of Barbados flowers just outside my bedroom window. What a delight!”

Mike Prestigiacomo, Bartlett EC: “We see you.”

Mark Ellis, United Cooperative Services: “A very busy hummingbird moth likes the thistle in Burleson.”

Mark Holly, Bandera EC: “A friend set up the perfect environment to attract hummers, so we set up our equipment and waited for the show to begin.”

Veronica Carter, Bandera EC: “This black swallowtail in Austin enjoys its first taste of freedom after leaving its cocoon.”

Monetta Kreutner, Pedernales EC: Sweet nectar is in sight.

Veronica Carter, Bandera EC: “Just a grasshopper enjoying the evening sun on a coneflower and ignoring the people at the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin.”

Elaine Cowley, GVEC: “The honeybees were enjoying the zinnias on a warm spring day. This one stayed busy going from flower to flower.”

David Bose, Medina EC: “This broad-billed hummingbird visited the native garden we created on our property in Medina County.”

Connie Barr, Fayette EC: “A western honeybee zooming around the horsemint deciding where to collect pollen next.”

Wallie Coley Brunks, San Patricio EC: “This beautiful monarch was feeding on a Gregg’s mistflower.”

Kristen Brown, Pedernales EC: Bumblebee on a buttonbush at Brushy Creek in Cedar Park.

Cyril Fernandes, Pedernales EC: “The Texas wasp moth mimics wasps to gain protection from predators. Unlike most moths, it flies during the day and looks like a wasp but does not sting.”

Teresa Moulds, Big Country EC: “In spring, white-lined sphinx moths, sometimes called hummingbird moths, hover each day around dusk gathering nectar from our meadow of pink evening primroses.”

Susan Knapp Gibbons, United Cooperative Services: A worker bee dusted with pollen.

Amanda Doss, Wise EC: “Bumblebee pollinating the cactus in my yard. This was the first year the cactus was this beautiful.”

Bob Norris, Pedernales EC: “Hummingbird feeding on flame acanthus in Georgetown.”

Bryan Schwertner, Lyntegar EC: When the Texas sage blooms, bees show up by the hundreds.

Barry Veazey, Navasota Valley EC: “Pride of Barbados loves to bloom in dry, hot Texas summers just in time to nourish migrating hummingbirds.”

Crystal Valdez, Lyntegar EC: “This picture was taken in our garden by my daughter, Natalie. She is pursuing a career in photography.”