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Focus on Texas: Rust and Decay

You might not believe the beauty that emerges from the ravages of time

Some say it’s better to wear out than to rust out. But our readers see more than an old rust bucket. We’re nowhere near the Rust Belt, but just look at these beauties, weathered by the elements and taken over by nature.

Britney Castillo, Central Texas EC: Overgrown.

Kay Bell, Nueces EC: “This car lies where it died, and the desert is slowly reclaiming the rusting hulk.”

Betty Alvarado, CoServ: An old tractor near a city park in Round Rock.

Web Extra: Angie Birmingham, Nueces EC: As you gaze down the old railroad tracks, you wonder about the years it was in operation.

Web Extra: Tommie Calfee, Pedernales EC: “This rusty garden fairy greets me each time I walk into the house.”

Web Extra: Robert Rodstrom, United Cooperative Services: “Morning preening on the old windmill at the Sam Nail Ranch in Big Bend National Park.”

Web Extra: Russell Stager, Cherokee County EC: “This old tractor has been a workhorse on our ranch for many years.”

Web Extra: Richard Everhart, Pedernales EC: “Rust bucket for sure.”

Web Extra: Jeremiah Harper, South Plains EC: “A 1970s Chevrolet truck found on an abandoned homestead in Terry County.”

Web Extra: Kim Leatherwood, United Cooperative Services: “An old plane outside Granbury.”

Web Extra: Hillary Love, MidSouth EC: “The Sunset Motel is no more but once hosted the cast of the movie Flesh and Bone, starring Dennis Quaid, Gwyneth Paltrow and Meg Ryan.”

Web Extra: Chad Prahl, CoServ: “This old tractor near Starrville seems at peace with its natural surroundings.”

Web Extra: Tomas Chavez Jr., Medina EC: A rusty bucket in Webb County, 20 miles northwest of Laredo.

Web Extra: Daniela Hendea, Victoria EC: Rust and shells on an old forgotten boat at Lighthouse Beach in Port Lavaca.

Web Extra: Tom Marusa, Navarro County EC: “A relic of the past.”