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Focus on Texas: Trucks

Texans love their trucks, and Texans’ cameras seem to have an affinity for old, beloved trucks

As a child’s toy, they haul rocks up from the driveway and track mud across freshly washed floors. Full-sized, they can be used to haul loads for family, friends and neighbors. They are valuable tools on ranches and farms and give drivers a sense of freedom and identity. Trucks keep Texas moving.

Linda Lee Bickford, Grayson-Collin EC: “A sweet couple sitting close in the old Ford driving in Texas.”

Tina Webb, Bluebonnet EC: “An old red barn in Fayetteville with a neat, old Chevrolet truck with an American flag.”

Melissa Fontenette-Mitchell, Pedernales EC: “Driving down a rural road in Round Rock, I spotted this beautiful old truck resting in the Texas bluebonnets.”

Chad Prahl, CoServ: “This hardworking Chevy now rests in Gladewater on my in-laws’ land.”

Web Extra: Chris Miller, Bluebonnet EC: This Texas-sized barbecue truck, dubbed the Undisputable Cuz, stretches 75 feet and is large enough to cook 4 tons of meat at a time.

Web Extra: Linda Mellor, Pedernales EC: “Found this old Willys Jeep at Fuller Auction company here in Canyon Lake.”

Web Extra: Railee Childs, Guadalupe Valley EC: A rusty old truck at Rio Cibolo Ranch in Cibolo. This photo was taken by 9-year-old Railee Childs at a 4-H photography outing.

Web Extra: Amanda Stafford, Nueces EC: Jeremy Stafford’s 1947 cab-over-engine truck and Rick Skoruppa’s 1941 Ford COE truck with model Courtney Phophirom.

Web Extra: Chas Sinklier, Bandera EC: This Willys Jeep pickup is the culmination of a two-year rat-rod project.

Web Extra: Peggy Oliver, Guadalupe Valley EC: “Old red truck parked by my Grandpa Ruppert.”

Web Extra: Mark Gassaway, Central Texas EC: Gassaway was driving through Waelder one foggy morning in February 2018. Just as the fog was lifting, he drove by this scene and jumped out to snap a photo.

Web Extra: Travis Carnes, Trinity Valley EC: “Poppa’s old wrecker—a 1946 Chevrolet.”

Web Extra: Tammy Anderson, Rita Blanca EC: A 1958 Ford pickup left sitting in a neighbor’s field.

Web Extra: Kathy Rhodes, Pedernales EC: “Andi, a 1954 Chevy truck.”

Web Extra: Bobby Norris, Pedernales EC: “An old Ford truck in Coupland behind the old feed store in January of 2018.”