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Photo Contest

Focus on Texas: Two of a Kind

These are not double exposures, just special moments that are twice as captivating

Search high and low—there’s just no match for these pairs. Cut from the same cloth, they go together like biscuits and gravy, like hogs and mud.

Mike Downey, Bryan Texas Utilities: “My son Davis is wheeling after my late father, Sherwood Downey, one day on the farm many years ago.”

Salima Asaria, CoServ: “Charmed, are we?”

Charles Baxter, CoServ: “Two Texas state birds with the same thing in mind.”

Mary Rust, Comanche EC: “Two fawns out for an early-morning adventure.”

Web Extra: Ron Hasty, CoServ: A male Northern cardinal feeds a female.

Web Extra: Allison Loesch, Pedernales EC: “Travis loves having Mocha by his side, and she’ll always be there to support him.”

Web Extra: Charles Cagle, HILCO EC: “These male, left, and female golden-fronted woodpeckers posed for me on the Laguna Seca Ranch near Edinburg.”

Web Extra: Jon Hobson, Houston County EC: “Gabe and his dad, Jon, complete the Dallas Muckfest, a muddy obstacle course that raises money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.”

Web Extra: Bonny McCartney, HILCO EC: “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. —Maya Angelou”

Web Extra: Kristin Vick, Guadalupe Valley EC: “My son looks remarkably similar to the goat, and both seem surprised by it.”

Web Extra: Valerie Cranford, San Patricio EC: Look-alike mother and daughter members of a Texas rodeo performance team are ready to ride.

Web Extra: Mark Lowthorp, Cherokee County ECA: “A nice crisp fall day, and the ‘kids’ wanted to stay inside.”

Web Extra: Shahbanu Malak, CoServ: Bottlebrush flowers.

Web Extra: Theresa McKee, Fannin County EC: “My two awesome Ameraucana chickens, Thelma and Louise, are best friends for life.”