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For Electric Cooperative Members
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Give the Gift of Time

PerSPECtives from Dale

Many of us have that one family member­­—or maybe even a few—who, when asked what items are on his or her Christmas wish list, invariably answers, “I have everything I need.” This well-intentioned reply can frustrate a desire to cross a name off your list or check a box during the frenzied run up to the holiday. But it’s also an opportunity to present a loved one with a more meaningful gift.

Time spent completing an errand or task that might be impractical or difficult for a relative or friend is a way to express affection without resorting to the often-impersonal gesture of pulling an item off a store shelf in defeat.

Tasks like changing the filter in a heating, ventilating and air conditioning system, replacing batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, or caulking around windows can help make someone’s home safer or shave a few dollars off an electric bill. While you’re at it, make lunch or bring a baked good. The trinity of time together, a needed home repair or chore accomplished, and a homemade treat or meal is a tough one to improve upon, as gifts go. 

South Plains Electric Cooperative also appreciates the gift of your time. Whether it’s spent in attendance at a membership meeting, where we get valuable feedback on how to continually improve our processes and operations, or it’s a moment taken to alert us to a problem you notice with a power line or meter, those small, yet meaningful, measures of your time allow South Plains Electric to thrive. Your willingness to engage with the Co-op and the frequent role as our eyes and ears in the field enable us to maintain a superior level of service.

So why not extend that tradition of providing gifts of time and service to those closest to you this year? Take a look around an older relative’s home for any leaky faucets or outdoor lightbulbs that need replacing. Check for loose door or window locks, or clean an out-of-reach window. Your thoughtful gift will keep on giving, as it makes someone’s life that much easier or safer.

From all of us at your electric cooperative, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!