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Give Your Washer and Dryer a Longer Life

A little maintenance can save big money

You can extend the life of your washer and dryer—and your clothes—by treating your appliances with care on laundry day. Here’s how:

Clean your dryer’s lint filter after every use. Occasionally vacuum the chute that houses the filter.

Unfasten the duct from the dryer at least twice a year and vacuum it.

Cut down on drying times if your clothes consistently come out wrinkled—an indication you’re overdrying.

On nice days, skip the dryer completely by installing and using a clothesline.

Avoid overloading your washing machine with comforters, rugs and large blankets. Check your owner’s manual to learn how much weight your washer’s tub can safely handle.

Balance your load of laundry. Washers can fail when heavy loads bang around in an unbalanced machine.

Replace your water intake hoses every five years, even if they look OK. Older hoses are prone to bursting.