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For Electric Cooperative Members

Gourds, Grads and a Phenomenal Flop

Some of the stuff we looked into while you were reading last month’s issue

Extra Credit

Wiley College graduates learned at commencement in May that their student debt was paid for. An anonymous donor bestowed the gift upon the 100-plus members of the class of 2022 at the historically Black college in Marshall, erasing some $300,000 from the books.



How We Use Electricity

This National Co-op Month, your electric cooperative and trusted energy adviser wants to show you where your money goes—and where you might focus on cutting back.
Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration


Sherry Nelson, a relative newcomer to decorating gourds, didn’t expect to win a contest in the craft. “Some of these ladies have been doing this for a very, very long time,” she said.

Courtesy Sherry Nelson

Sherry Nelson’s prizewinning gourd artwork.

Courtesy Sherry Nelson

Gourd as Gold

When Sherry Nelson attended a Texas Gourd Society show in 2017, she was stunned by the gourds she saw. “It’s just amazing what people can do with them,” she said. “But I thought I could never do that.”

She was hooked. The Kerrville native and Central Texas Electric Cooperative member joined TGS and took classes. After a Texas Co-op Power illustration by David Danz in March 2021 caught her eye, she reached out to TCP for permission before spending three weeks burning it into a gourd for a Kerr Arts and Cultural Center contest in May.

It won—beating out 151 other gourds. “I’m going to enjoy this win for a while,” she said.


Ted Williams was a two-time most valuable player and 19-time all-star, but he struggled as a manager.

SPX Diamond Images | Getty Images

Rangers Flashback

Hall of Fame outfielder Ted Williams was a phenomenal baseball player, but he met little success as a manager.

His four-year managerial career started with the Washington Senators in 1969 and ended 50 years ago this month, in 1972, when the Senators relocated to Arlington and became the Texas Rangers.

Williams went out with a whimper, losing the season finale 4-0 on October 4 and finishing with a 273-364 record as manager.

Did You Know?

That Rangers team played in Arlington Stadium, a converted minor-league ballpark originally called Turnpike Stadium. Whatever the name, the summer heat plagued players and fans alike. One writer called the outfield stands “the world’s largest open-air roaster.”