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For Electric Cooperative Members
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MidSouth Fiber Internet Update

Project moves forward through Phase 1

After much anticipation, residents are now beginning to enjoy MidSouth Fiber Internet. Crews have worked hard to make our existing electric distribution system in Phase 1 ready for the fiber cable needed to bring you reliable internet, TV and phone services.

In June, MidSouth began testing its fiber internet. We took this crucial step to ensure those who have pre-registered receive the best possible service Mid-South can provide. Since testing, we have begun the process of going back through phase one and extending fiber drops to the houses. As drops are ran to pre-registered households in phase one, crews will also move into phase two to begin preparations for the build-out. The MidSouth Fiber project is expected to reach completion in three years depending on weather and other conditions affecting construction.

MidSouth received a $6.18 million grant in February from the USDA to help expand rural reliability and bring fiber to your front door. Your elected officials, at both the state and national level, spoke on MidSouth’s behalf and helped us secure the grant. To expedite the project, MidSouth will continue to pursue additional grant funding that will allow us to hire additional crews, cut costs and move the project at a faster pace.

The MidSouth team has made great progress in the previous months on the fiber project. However, there is much work that still needs to be done. Until each of our members has access to our fiber services and long after, we will continue to operate with your best interest in mind. The MidSouth Fiber project is complex, and we appreciate your continued patience throughout this process.

If you have not already, please pre-register your address at Pre-registration voids any installation cost that may be billed to the consumer and allows you to be one of the first to have bolder, faster fiber in your neighborhood. If you have any questions, please contact our member service team at (936) 825-5100.