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Resolve To Be Energy Efficient

Save money in the new year

It’s time to make New Year’s resolutions. Why not make energy efficiency one of your goals for 2021? Saving energy is not only a good way to save money but also conserves our valuable resources.

Trinity Valley Electric Cooperative is here to help. Every month in Texas Co-op Power, we publish timely tips on how to use electricity wisely and safely.

Some of the best ways to conserve energy in January include:

Taking down your Christmas lights. As tempting as it might be to extend the holiday season, there is no need to extend the higher electric bill that might come with all the electric-powered decor.

Turning down the thermostat. You can save about 3% on your energy bill for every degree you drop the temperature.

Switching the direction of your ceiling fans so that they turn clockwise. This pulls cool air toward the ceiling, which in turn pushes the warm air that collects near the ceiling back toward the floor.

Upgrading your fireplace by adding an insert or replacing it with an energy-efficient model. Traditional wood-burning fireplaces can draw heat out of your home if not used properly, but a few changes can help keep the warmth inside.

Letting the sun shine in through the windows, especially south-facing windows, to take advantage of solar heat gain.

Using space heaters selectively. You can save energy by heating only the room you are in.

Wearing warmer clothes. Putting on a sweater and slippers or wool socks might allow you to lower your thermostat temperature.

Limiting the use of exhaust fans. They suck out all the indoor air your heater has worked so hard to heat.

Eliminating drafts. Cold winter air can sneak in around windows, doors and even electrical outlets. Weatherstripping, insulation and insulated curtains can go a long way toward keeping the warm air in and the cold air out.

For more energy-saving tips this winter or any season, visit and click on the Energy tab. The news and information there can help you keep your resolution to save energy all year long.