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Small Business Making a Big Difference

Woodshed Gifts provides equipment to help fight COVID-19

COVID-19 has presented challenges for many individuals, businesses and organizations. One group of people that continue to work tirelessly during this time is the medical professionals. But there is another group working behind the scenes providing them with the proper equipment to do their jobs. One of those businesses is Woodshed Gifts located next to KK’s Craft Mall in Lubbock.

In March, the Texas Tech University engineering department contacted Woodshed Gifts looking for a business with the tools and resources available to produce parts for projects they were working on. Those projects were to ensure medical professionals had the proper gear to perform COVID-19 safe practices.

Texas Tech is developing a portable respirator for first responders and Woodshed Gifts is laser cutting the acrylic pieces. Another team at Texas Tech is making face shields that Woodshed Gifts is cutting. Woodshed Gifts is donating the parts for the face shields. The third project is a guard that keeps medical professionals safe during intubations. This project is near and dear to owner Jerry Moriearty’s heart, as his wife works as a surgical technician at University Medical Center. She assisted in the design.

Woodshed Gifts uses laser-cutting technology to produce pieces for Texas Tech Engineering Department’s latest projects.

South Plains Electric Cooperative

In addition to helping the medical community, Woodshed Gifts is also helping small businesses as much as possible. One way they are doing this is by designing a sneeze guard for cashiers that does not require mechanical installation.

“We are a very small family business,” said Moriearty. “We just do what we can when we see a need that needs to be filled.”

Moriearty has been a South Plains Electric Co-op member for 24 years and has been the owner of Woodshed gifts for 10 years.

South Plains Electric is proud of the work Woodshed Gifts and others around our service area are doing during this uncertain time.

To learn more about the services Woodshed Gifts has to offer, visit their website at