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TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Like This Tyke

We should be grateful for every 2-year-old out there who loves the land like he does [The Arable Twos, November 2022]. Thank you, farmers. We don’t say that enough.

Barbara Macha, CoServ | Highland Village


Viral Vittles

I love her [Watch Grandma Cook, November 2022]. I am addicted to her on TikTok.

Kristin Sprinkle | Via Facebook


Newcomer Nuance?

I’ve noticed a pattern developing of a decrease in articles featuring long-established country folk and an increase in showcasing new arrivals to the state [Connecting With the Land, September 2022].

From the content that’s been featured over the past few years, I can only
deduce that our co-op magazine seems to be trying to placate readers with an appetite for citified country life.

Buzz Payne, Wood County EC | Big Sandy


I have inherited an interest in a farm that belonged to our parents and grandparents. At age 70, I suddenly became the caretaker of the houses and land—as your writer said, a blessing and a curse. I’ve loved learning how to care for it, but I worry who will do this after me.

Patricia Ricks, Fayette EC | Round Top


Quay Rathbone of Victoria was the first Turkey Trot sultana, in 1913.

Courtesy Cuero Turkeyfest

Birds of a Feather

I am a transplanted Minnesotan from the rival Turkey capital, Worthington [Not for the Birds, October 2022]. The article brought me back to the September “turkey days” of my youth. Thank you for highlighting the friendly atmosphere and camaraderie of the festivals.

Marcia Opsata-Sparks, Pedernales EC | Dripping Springs


Summer Pursuit

I was a summer employee for a South Texas power company [Reading Between the Lines, October 2022]. Once a month we had to read meters. One time a smart dog hit his gate, the gate opened, and he escaped. I ran for blocks to capture the dog and return it to its yard.

Ken Steed, Pedernales EC | Georgetown