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For Electric Cooperative Members

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Esports at Schreiner

Schreiner University has a varsity esports program, prompted by students who wanted to compete at intramural and intercollegiate levels [A Whole New Ballgame, February 2022].

Bill Reid, Pedernales EC | Horseshoe Bay


Moved to Tears

The Shoes [March 2022] moved me to tears. I’m a wife and mother of career soldiers whom I lost after their combat tours. My husband took his own life due to addiction to opioid meds in 2009. He was a Vietnam veteran who had two tours there.

My son was a retired veteran who was in Panama and Desert Storm. He died in a motorcycle accident in 2016.

I am remarried to an Air Force retiree.

Suzanne Cornett, Pedernales EC | Lakeway


Community of Survivors

Truly a blessing [Hope in a Box, March 2022].

Lawrence and Cindy Hrachovy | Via Facebook


Country Cooking

We are miles away from cities and only have Dollar Store and maybe one or two grocery stores that do not sell the exotic ingredients sometimes featured in your recipes.

Please remember that we grow some of our food and meat, so please publish “country people” recipes.

Nancy Lynch, Deep East Texas EC, Jasper-Newton EC | San Augustine