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For Electric Cooperative Members

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Commerce and the Rails

Many West Texas towns like Hamlin have no tracks left, and we could sure use some commerce that stops here today [The Inside Track, March 2022].

Jeff Claterbaugh, Big Country EC | Hamlin


Blessed Comfort

I want to participate in the Blessing Box Project when I retire [Hope in a Box, March 2022]. Such a hard time for a woman.

Jacky Manchester, Grayson-Collin EC | Van Alstyne

pecan sheet cake

Texas Praline Sheet Cake

Megan Myers

Well-Deserved Decadence

I have to say, besides the original chocolate Texas sheet cake, this is the best, most decadent cake I have EVER had [Texas Praline Sheet Cake, March 2022]. I’ve literally been thinking about it all week.

Nicole Parker | Via Facebook


Well Put

I love that section in the magazine [Finish This Sentence]. It awakens the thought process in a lot of people.

Inocencia S. Martinez, Magic Valley EC | Mercedes


Threads of Truth

When I was 10, we visited cousins in Ingram [Just Add Adventure, March 2022].
We went to a river to play, and it had a smooth concrete small dam with water pouring over it. I had a blast sliding down it time after time until I realized that the seat of my favorite pair of shorts was in shreds.

Roberta McLaughlin, Heart of Texas EC | Lorena


cornbread in a cast-iron pan

Russell A. Graves

Enduring Cookware

I inherited my grandmother’s cast iron, which she inherited from her mother [Cast-Iron Comeback, March 2022]. It makes the best cornbread and fried eggs. To imagine how many meals were cooked in these pans just blows my mind.

David Krabbe, Hamilton County EC | Kempner


Using the cast-iron skillet my mother got for a wedding gift in 1943.

Larry Artz | Via Facebook