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For Electric Cooperative Members
For Electric Cooperative Members
April 2007 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Bursting Our Bulb
Regarding your January “Power Talk” item about the light bulb that has burned for 98 years. As a WBAP news reporter and later cameraman for WBAP-TV, I filmed stories on the “eternal light bulb” twice. In 1977, when the Palace Theater in Fort Worth was torn down, the light was turned off. I had a little talk with a former employee, who told me: “The eternal light bulb was a hoax. We had bought a box of old-style bulbs, and when one burned out, we replaced it with another.”

Good publicity, but like other myths, it wasn’t true.

Wayne Brown, Hamilton County Electric Cooperative

Labs Are the Greatest
I read with interest the story of “Scout, The Christmas Dog” in the December 2006 issue. We have owned several dogs—or they have owned us—but the most faithful, most loyal and most eager to please were Labrador retrievers. Our three didn’t shy away from guns, but all were absolutely terrified of lightning and thunder, so I wonder if that is a trait of labs. We enjoyed them immensely, but we don’t want any more. It is just too hard to give them up when they have made their final retrieve.

Milton Sellars, Karnes Electric Cooperative

Editor’s note: Andrew Sansom’s Lab, Scout, the subject of his Christmas remembrance, died in January of cancer.

Hunter Sees Hypocrisy
Those who criticize hunting are so off the beam. In reality, hunting is so highly regulated that there is no room for impulse, atavistic or any other kind. There is neither unlawful indiscriminate slaughter nor extermination.

Only a vegan can criticize hunting without hypocrisy. Even biofuels may contain animal fats. People who criticize hunting should not use animal products of any kind, including leather gloves or leathers in their windmill pump or munch on corn chips fried in animal (saturated) fat.
The lives of animals are precious and deserve (and get from me) recognition for the sacrifices they make to make my life better; so, please refrain from telling me that someone thinks they are better than I because the animal products they use are from animals anonymously standing in line waiting their turn at the slaughterhouse bolt gun.
J.C. Adams, Lamb County Electric Cooperative