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For Electric Cooperative Members
April 2009 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

‘Silver Dollar’ Jim Serves Up Big Tip
In reference to the February 2009 article on “Silver Dollar Jim” West Jr.:

My friend worked for Jim West in the ’40s and says that one night after a hard day’s work at one of his ranches, the crew of about eight, including Jim, went to a restaurant for dinner. They ordered the works, and Jim kept giving the waitress a hard time.

As they were finishing their meal, Jim told one of the hands to get a sack (of silver dollars) from the truck. They each formed a ring of silver dollars on the rim of the dinner plate. Then they went outside and watched through the window.

The waitress looked all over the table, and there was no tip. You can imagine her disgust. She started cleaning the table. As she picked up the first dinner plate, silver dollars rolled away from it. On the next plate were more silver dollars. She was overjoyed with her tip, and Jim West laughed at the good joke.

Charles R. Brown, Cedar Park

Dollars for Votes?
One item you left out of your article on “Silver Dollar Jim” was his reported use of his silver dollars in elections. When the poll tax was in use, certain voters would appear and pay the tax with silver dollars. And, they were expected to vote as Jim wanted them to. Thankfully, that dark time in our history is over.  

Betty A. Morris, Pedernales Electric Cooperative, Canyon Lake

‘Neat Little Magazine’
What a neat little magazine you have. A friend shared it with me, and there are several articles that drew my interest. Even at age 87, I still like to maintain interest in current events. The (February 2009) article on the Kilgore Rangerettes was outstanding. I believe my 13-year-old great-granddaughter might be interested. The “Baking Up a Breakfast” recipes were great. How I wish I could try those apple turnovers. Thank you so much.

Doris M. Walker, Bedias

Correction: The children in the 1980 photo that accompanies “Living in Feather Heaven” (which appeared in some February 2009 issues) are Tommy Seely and Amy Seely English. They are the grandchildren of Bill Carpenter, co-founder of the now-defunct Brownwood Feather Factory.