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TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Keep Texas, Texas

Every day we lose a little bit more of our lush countryside due to progress. Laura Bush has a big job on her hands, and I hope it’s not too late [Naturally Protective, May 2018]. I hope we can keep Texas, Texas.

Jan Alsgard | Leander
Pedernales EC

Planting the Seeds

I had just received a packet of milkweed seeds from Lands’ End when the May issue of Texas Co-op Power [Naturally Protective] arrived. I immediately cleared a spot in my yard and planted the seeds.

Joel Muckleroy | Jourdanton
Karnes EC

About MacArthur

Gen. Douglas MacArthur was commander in chief of the South Pacific, which was primarily New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand and eventually the Philippines [Chain of Command?, Letters, June 2018]. Adm. Chester W. Nimitz was commander in chief of the Pacific Ocean Areas. This included all of the island groups from the Solomon Islands through Okinawa and Iwo Jima.

Howard Max | Fairview
Grayson-Collin EC

What was Gen. MacArthur doing? He was cooperating with Adm. Nimitz, who was in charge of all Pacific operations.

D.J. Bruce | Weatherford
Tri-County EC

Other Connections

Having had a “connected” home for the past 17 years, I was surprised there was no mention of X-10 or Z-Wave technology [Connecting Your Home, June 2018]. X-10 being a power line (the wires in your house) technology and Z-Wave being a radio frequency system of controls for lights, appliances, thermostats, TV and stereo, sprinkler systems, security systems integration, water valves, door locks, etc.

Jim Neumann | Victoria
Victoria EC

East Texas Authors

I’d hoped the article on East Texas writer Joe R. Lansdale [East Texas Mojo, May 2018] would mention Caleb Pirtle III, a Kilgore native now writing out of Lindale. He has written over 75 books—among his more recent is a prize-winning account of the Giddings oil strike of the 1970s, Gamble in the Devil’s Chalk. He’s now writing two fiction books on life in a small East Texas town in the 1930s.

John Nickols | Forney
Trinity Valley EC

One of my favorite writers! For decades!

William Trocino | Via Facebook

I will be looking for him [Lansdale] on my next trip to the bookstore.

Mary Jane Zorn | Via Facebook

Spilled Jewels

Beautiful picture of the dedicated spider mom [Doting Mother, Letters, November 2017].

Try this: Shine a bright flashlight onto the grass at night, holding the light on your head so you can look down the beam. When you find a wolf spider, follow the beam to get closer. Wolf spider eyes glow a most brilliant aqua, and so do the babies’. If disturbed, the babies scatter and look like spilled jewels.

Sandy Gadsden | Bandera
Bandera EC