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For Electric Cooperative Members
February 2021 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Alabama’s Role

While primary control of the International Space Station is in Houston, Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, also plays a vital role in its operation [Out of This World, November 2020].

Flight controllers in Huntsville schedule the astronauts’ daily activities and provide technical assistance as the astronauts do experiments and perform maintenance or handle emergencies related to the equipment inside the space station.

Linda Brower, Tri-County EC | Keller

Imported Cuisine

Yep! And brought over some delicious food [Burgs in a New Land, December 2020].

Kayla Walker | Via Facebook

The Pinnacle

My husband and I took a week to explore the beaches and fishing villages of South Texas one year. We had heard about the Matagorda Island ferry and rented bicycles for the day [Matagorda Island Lighthouse, October 2020].

There were several others on the ferry, but we had all day exploring the island—hardly seeing a soul until returning to the dock. The view of the lighthouse was the pinnacle of that day.

Thank you for bringing that long-lost memory to life.

Joy Connery, Wood County EC | Lindale

Classic Cover

Huge kudos to photographer Kristin Tyler for the photo of the farrier on the October 2020 cover. It is a classic, reminiscent of the Dorothea Lange Depression photographs.

Merry Langlinais, Bandera EC | Medina