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January 2021 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Farrier Finesse

I went to farrier school in 1981, not to become a professional farrier but because I owned nearly 50 head of horses [Why Horses Wear Shoes, October 2020]. Pleased to see more women taking up that profession as brute strength is not as important as understanding the horse you’re shoeing.

Ken Wade, Central Texas EC | Fredericksburg

Bourbon Balls

I have made these with vanilla wafers for as long as I can remember [Cookie Swap, November 2020].

Sharon Stoll | Via Facebook

No Small Potatoes

J. David Bamberger is a hero in the Texas conservation world and has shown us all how being a good steward of the land can enable nature to thrive [Bat Lodging, November 2020]. Pam LeBlanc’s coverage of his “chiroptorium” showed Bamberger’s persistence and determination as well as his warm, down-home nature.

Yes, J. David, I agree: Your potatoes are, indeed, “terribly important!”

Elizabeth Bowerman, Comal County Conservation Alliance
Pedernales EC | New Braunfels

I saw that cave soon after it was built. Love that beautiful ranch and the man who made this real.

Beverly Barnt | Via Facebook

Matagorda Connection

My great-grandfather was the assistant keeper there in the 1890s, leaving and then returning as keeper in the early 1900s until his death in 1913 [Matagorda Island Lighthouse, October 2020]. His sister, my great-great aunt, perished with her children at Indianola in the 1875 hurricane.

Bill Reeves, Pedernales EC | Georgetown