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For Electric Cooperative Members
June 2007 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Her Abilene
What a pleasure to read two articles about my birthplace and home for many years, Abilene (“Abilene My Abilene,” April 2007). It was wonderful to see the pictures of the restored downtown and so many places so familiar to me. Thanks for the memories.

Ann Black, Bowie-Cass Electric Cooperative

Don’t Forget Frontier Texas
The editor and Ms. Semrad really missed the boat by not highlighting Frontier Texas in “Abilene My Abilene” in the April 2007 issue. This singularly unique and masterfully done museum/learning experience has been the most important reason for my wife and I, along with our grandchildren, coming to camp at Abilene State Park and visit important sites in the area.

Paul and Becky Barrows, Wimberley

Editor’s note: Look in May’s “Hit the Road” column for information on Frontier Texas.

Our Error
In the article on Texas’ second president, it states toward the end that “Houston was again elected president in 1848.” I always thought we were, for better or worse, part of the Union by then.

Bill Burke, Midland

Editor’s note: Sam Houston was elected president for the second time in 1841. Texas was admitted into the United States in 1845.