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March 2009 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Well, Of Course It Is
The photo submitted by Linda Brannen in the January 2009 issue (page 35, “Focus on Texas”) is a spring-tooth harrow. This piece of farm equipment was used to break up clods of dirt in a plowed field and to smooth out the surface.

Charles Foster Sr., Jackson Electric Cooperative

Editor’s note: A gratifying number of readers wrote or called us to explain the use of the spring-tooth harrow. Thanks for taking the time.

Industrial-Age Threshing
Elise Westfall’s photo on page 35 of the January 2009 issue is of a (steam) traction engine, probably about 80 years old. These were used for heavy hauling and as a stationary power source. I worked on farms in England in the 1940s, and these engines were used to power threshing machines, prior to the advent of combine harvesters, with a long, wide belt going from the flywheel to the threshing machine. This one appears to be wood-fired, while in England coal was used. My son-in-law owned one until recently—they are highly valued by collectors.

Don Stevenson, Pedernales Electric Cooperative

Pass It Forward
I enjoyed the story in your January 2009 issue (“Memory’s Sweet Scent”) about a cedar chest. I have some of the same memories of my childhood as did your writer. We had few means. Sometimes we used an old apple box or an old suitcase, but the point is to pass some of the little things we are proud of onto our descendants.

I have four granddaughters and one great-granddaughter, and I have built two chests and have two more almost done. I have also built a smaller box for my great-granddaughter to keep some of her first possessions safe. I have enclosed a photo of the last chest I made. This is what I like to do as I slip into retirement.

Joe Sudderth, Fannin County Electric Cooperative

Family Feud Over Magazine
I wanted to let everyone know this is a great magazine. My husband and I fight over reading it every month. I always enjoy the articles, calendar of events and the theme pictures in the back each month. Keep up the good work.

Laura Landes, Howe