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May 2018 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Devil History

I enjoyed this story a lot [What the Devil?, March 2018]. There seems to be some devil history missing, however. Before Amistad Reservoir, there was a Devils Lake on the Devils River. There was also Lake Walk. Both were covered by Amistad.

There was also a large area on maps in the 1940s and 1950s that was labeled Hell’s Half Acre. The area was southeast of Marathon and was rumored to be where the devil lived.

Kenneth Holmes | Dripping Springs
Pedernales EC

Nasty Trees: A Lesson

The devil’s walking stick and Hercules club are not the same tree [What the Devil?, March 2018]. Both are nasty if one grabs hold of them. The Hercules club can be found along many fences, as the birds excrete the seeds while sitting on the fence. The devil’s walking stick can be found in wet areas and has super nasty spines if grabbed.

Ralph Riggs | Denson Springs
Houston County EC

Thursday Night Legend

In the fall of 1971, I began my 40-year teaching career at John H. Reagan High School in Austin. W.E. Pigford, who was associate principal, became my mentor. He was truly a great, gentle man who had previously been coach and principal at the old black L.C. Anderson High School. He told me about coaching Dick “Night Train” Lane [Thursday Night Lights, February 2018] back in the mid-’40s and was honored to introduce Lane in 1974 when he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Mr. Pigford shared with me some of the challenges and struggles that black players faced during the years of segregation. However, he always seemed to dwell on the positives—emphasizing the rich and rewarding experiences he and his players had.

John T. Wende | Dale
Pedernales EC

This took me back to my teenage years in Abilene, where my dad and I would go to Fair Park on Thursday nights and watch Woodson High play football. We would walk up and sit with the local supporters and revel in some of the comments. So long ago, and so many fond memories. Thanks for the trip back to my younger days.

Eugene Beyer | Johnson City
Pedernales EC

Winning Recipe

I made Warm Gingerbread With Lemon Basil Sauce, below, [Holiday Recipe Contest, December 2017] today and it was delicious—moist and complemented by the sauce and whipped cream. I left off apple compote but think it would be a great addition.

Mary Dunn via Facebook | Boerne
Bandera EC

Wow-Worthy Borscht

This recipe [Celery Borscht With Rye Croutons, Radish and Sour Cream, Recipes, January 2018] is insanely delicious! I’d never even tasted borscht before. My husband found the recipe in the co-op magazine, and I decided to make it. Wows all around the table —second and even third helpings.

Michelle Franco | Austin
Pedernales EC

Vintage Look

I really like the vintage look to many of the illustrations and pictures used in your magazine. My husband and I look forward to every monthly issue. Even better, I can review these again on your website.

D. McBride | Gordonville
Grayson-Collin EC