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May 2019 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Other Blues Artists

The story [Texas: A Blues State, March 2019] would have been even better had it included Joe Tex (Hold What You’ve Got) and Joe Simon (The Chokin’ Kind), notable blues and soul artists who performed in the Dallas area for years.

R.H. Gruy | Granbury
United Cooperative Services

Under the Green Flag

There was a mix-up on the historical details explaining our event Under the Green Flag [A Chapter in La Bahia’s History, Currents, February 2019]. Mexico was fighting to win its independence from Spain, not to free Texas from Spanish rule.

Bernardo Gutiérrez de Lara and Augustus William Magee were fighting to wrest Texas from Spanish rule with an idea of making it an independent country separate and apart from Spain or Mexico. The army they led was made up of Americans, Tejanos and Indians along with a handful of Spanish deserters.

Scott McMahon, director
Presidio La Bahia

Raised in a Dance Hall

I was almost brought to tears when I saw Hail the Halls [February 2019]. I was raised in our local dance hall in Cypress—Cypress Gun and Rifle Club, aka Tin Hall. My dad remembered going there as a child with his dad in a horse and buggy. It was a huge two-story structure where people could meet and eat homemade pie downstairs while the two-steppin’ went on upstairs on their immense wooden dance floor.

I slept on those chairs as a child and learned to dance on my daddy’s feet. Spent every Saturday night there while in high school.

Sheryl Hendrix | Groesbeck
Navasota Valley EC

Your story brought back so many memories. I think my brother, sister and I were raised to the sound of polkas and waltzes in Hillje Hall. My uncles had a band, and my grandpa sold homebrew behind the hall in the 1930s and ’40s.

Roberta Hofbauer | Gun Barrel City
Trinity Valley EC

Dave Shafer’s radiant photos of dancers capture grace, exuberance and joy.

Carlos Rumbaut | Cedar Park
Pedernales EC

Sacrifice of Immigrants

As a 20-year Army veteran and retired major, Hispanic and the son of a Mexican immigrant, I was totally impressed with A Hero in Any Language [March 2019]. It will impress on a lot of people the appreciation we owe the nation’s immigrants for their service and sacrifices.

Unfortunately, history has a tendency to repeat itself, and today we find our government deporting our war veterans once again. Have we forgotten that we are a nation of immigrants?

Israel Hinojosa | Hebbronville
Medina EC