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For Electric Cooperative Members
May 2021 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Family Roots

Some of the more interesting pass-along plants [Putting Down Roots, February 2021] were introduced by Lorenzo de Zavala when he was a minister to France when Texas was a republic. Roses were a gift from France and planted by Adinade Zavala, his granddaughter, in their Lynchburg homestead, eventually shared and spread into surrounding communities. These roses are still found in some of our older cemeteries.

Mike Shoup, Bluebonnet EC | Independence

Dip and Defrost

Salsa was great during the snowpocalypse [Tacos, March 2021]. Spicy food and soups for cold days and nights always seem to go good together.

David Norton | Via Facebook

A Flyer’s Fate

Col. Carl Crane, my grandfather, and William Ocker were pioneers in instrumentation flying [Flying Blind, January 2021]. Had Crane not pursued this solution, I might not be here.

The story goes that he was flying a congressman’s son in bad weather in Ohio when he became disoriented and almost crashed. Neon lights of a hotel that he saw at the last minute allowed Crane to get his bearings and correct his plane’s direction, saving their lives.

Lisa Mittel, Southwest Texas EC | San Antonio

Bread and Butter

As a youngster in Boerne in the 1950s, one of my treats was simple well-buttered bread, and the butter was from either Falfurrias or the Comfort Creamery, depending on whether my parents shopped in San Antonio or at our local Boerne grocery [A Name That Sticks, February 2021]. Back then the butter was better than the bread.

Dell Hood, Pedernales EC | Wimberley