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TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

A Call for Country Kids

I was so happy to read that Texas Tech was opening a veterinary school [Second to None, September 2021]. We need more good ol’ country boys and girls who don’t mind getting manure on their jeans.

We need folks who understand the labor and cost it takes to raise livestock of all kinds. Having a good working relationship with your vet is just like having a relationship with your family doctor. It is a necessary part of life.

Minnie Pesl, Bartlett EC | Rockdale


Aviation Fame

The Lone Star Flight Museum at Ellington Airport in Houston hosts the Texas Aviation Hall of Fame, which includes Bessie Coleman as one of 70 or so who have made remarkable contributions to flight [Queen Bess Soared, June 2021].

Gary Watt, Bluebonnet EC | Washington, Texas

Granny’s Goose Tank

My granny had a small stock tank [Pools in the Pasture, August 2021]. She called it the goose tank. We had fun in it. Seined it for crawfish. Used them for fish bait.

Mary Ruth Largent | Via Facebook


Fleeing Thought

I never realized that while the armies of Texians and Mexicans fought, many civilians found it necessary to abandon everything they owned and relocate in a hurry [The Runaway Scrape, April 2021]. This makes me wonder what I would do if that situation arose in my lifetime.

B. Jason Epps, Trinity Valley EC | Heartland