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October 2016 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Dave Shafer

Here’s What Really Counts!

Man, that was a good-looking bunch of oysters from Black Pearl Oyster Bar [Cover, August 2016]. It’s a shame they didn’t give you a full dozen. I always count my oysters when they set them down, and every once in a while it will be short. From time to time, I get a baker’s dozen—but I don’t say anything then.

Love that Texas seafood—catching and eating.

Randy O’Dell
Liberty Hill
Pedernales EC

Shell Game

When I order a dozen oysters on the half shell [Cover, August 2016], I expect to get a full dozen, maybe even 13! Still looks pretty tasty.

Gary P. Hale | Dripping Springs
Pedernales EC

Editor’s Note: Several readers noted that the August cover photo did not include a dozen oysters. Photographer Jody Horton explains what happened to the 12th oyster: “I ate it. Greedily and without remorse.”

Head Over to Bolivar

I want to suggest to your readers that as long as they’re in Galveston [Seafood Quest: Galveston, August 2016], to cross over to Bolivar Peninsula—on one of the nation’s few last free ferries—to visit our great seafood stops. On the ferry ride to and from, you’ll see gigantic freighters pass by, lots of dolphins and cruise ships coming and going.

Galveston’s great, but Bolivar is the icing on the cake.

Brenda Beust Smith | Houston

Reel Treat

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy Texas Co-op Power. Even though my body is no longer in Texas (but was for 50 years), my heart is. Stories like the catfish one [Catfish and Me, August 2016] bring back such good memories of fishing with my dad.

Many years ago, a little pamphlet was included with my bill, and I still use those recipes on a regular basis.

Jan Gaskins | Pullman, Washington

I liked the story Catfish and Me. That was also the first fish I caught and ate. I am having trouble finding good Southern-fried catfish near San Antonio. My benchmark is Catfish Charlie in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Dennis Vincent | Bulverde
Pedernales EC

Possum Kingdom

I enjoyed the Possum Kingdom Lake article [Playing Possum, July 2016]. The beautiful Hell’s Gate can be enjoyed by everyone, as long as you don’t step out of your boat onto the shoreline, which is privately owned. Most of the PK shore-line is privately owned or leased, which limits or denies access to many Texans.

Ken King | Dorchester
Grayson-Collin EC

Keyhole Inspiration

At the time Keyhole Gardening [February 2012] came out, we were in the process of moving from Fort Worth to Austin. We built our keyhole garden two years ago, using the reference material we had accumulated, including Texas Co-op Power magazine’s original story. Most of the stone for the keyhole was collected from our land in Bosque County.

Richard and Denise Jones | Austin
United Cooperative Services

Farming Locally

All my life I have made farm/organic/natural goodies for sale to the local community from my various farms [A New Crop of Texas Farmers, May 2016]. Now, at 71, I no longer can maintain my little farm. It would be nice to be able to sell it to young(er) people—with its already established markets.

Connie Frank | Timpson
Deep East Texas EC