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TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Head of the Pack

I enjoyed reading about Hunter Beaton’s Eagle Scout project [Carrying Through, Currents, July 2018]. What a fine young man to take on this very worthwhile project that will be a gift to so many children in need for years to come. The article did not mention where Hunter will be attending college, but since my allegiance is to Baylor University, I was hoping that was his plan. He would be a great fit.

Judy Schmeltekopf | China Spring
Heart of Texas EC


Nurturing Wildflowers

I empathize with the reader’s letter [Habitat Destruction, July 2018]. I, too, have noticed that untimely mowing has caused many wildflowers to disappear, which means habitat loss for those feeding on them.

My neighborhood subdivision has lovely homes with beautifully maintained yards and cultivated plants. I maintain my front yard to conform. I have a corner lot that has a county road on one side. I reserve a strip of property along the right-of-way for wildflowers, and I delay mowing there.

Sarah Milner | Flint
Cherokee County EC

He Gets His Kicks

You so are right that Route 66 [Rendezvous on Route 66, July 2018] is celebrated in so many ways. I have been a ham radio operator since 1960, and each September, the Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club in San Bernardino, California, sponsors Route 66 on the Air. I get to talk to my friends on the radio who are on the air up and down the old highway from Los Angeles to Amarillo to Chicago. I even have a T-shirt with the Route 66 logo on it that I wear during the event.

Lee E. Kinard | Burnet
Pedernales EC


Give Us Credit

The By the Numbers item in Currents in July could be misleading. It’s possible that because there are so many people in Texas who are not in debt, that is what causes the state to rank 46th among all states in average credit score. The longer a person goes without paying anything on time, the lower his or her score goes. So, it is possible that our low average just might mean that we have more people who are not in debt.

Ruth Lampe | Quitman
Wood County EC

New Favorite Author

East Texas Mojo [May 2018], about Joe R. Lansdale, introduced me to a writer with whom I was unfamiliar. Right away, I ordered three of his books and before I was half through the second one, I ordered four more.

Fran Lomas | San Angelo


New London Explosion

In 1939, we were living in Atlanta, Texas, and one Saturday morning, I heard a loud explosion [The New London School Explosion, January 2017].

I rode my bike uptown and found the Safeway store was only a pile of rubble. There had been a gas leak under the store.

Carroll Johnson
Bowie-Cass EC