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Finish This Sentence

The Baby of the Family Always …

Here are the many ways readers finished this sentence

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Remembers things differently.
Steve and Lisa Boston | Via Facebook

Gets his way and mom’s attention.
Sandra Gonzalez, San Patricio EC | Bayside

Had a stomachache when it was time to help with dishes and cleanup after dinner.
Mary Ann Cluley, Trinity Valley EC | Frankston

Gets the hand-me-downs.
Lora Graham, Coleman County EC | Goldbusk

Stays the baby even when he’s 6-feet, 2-inches tall; 31 years old; and has his own baby.
Sherri LeNoir, Navasota Valley EC | Groesbeck

Continues doing the things I always do, learning from what I do, and doing them differently if necessary.
Rudolfo Martinez | Via Facebook

Takes heat from their older siblings.
Anthony Murphy, Trinity Valley EC | Heartland

Has the best older siblings.
Sherry Crecraft Krupinski | Via Facebook

Gets the hand-me-downs.
Pablo Sanchez, Magic Valley EC | Harlingen

Gets picked on as soon as mom leaves the room.
Chris Chiarletto | Via Facebook

Has the cleanest diapers.
Craig Massouh, Pedernales EC | Sattler

Has to fight off their mean siblings.
Ardis Martin | Via Facebook

Will always be the baby of seven children.
Joanne Cherry, Guadalupe Valley EC | Seguin

Is the smartest because they learn from the older siblings’ mistakes.
Susan Prewitt | Via Facebook

Is spoiled rotten.
Norma Armstrong, Sam Houston EC | Woodville

Whines, even at 70.
Kay Motley | Via Facebook

Gets his way. I’m married to one. He’s 74 years old, but his four siblings still consider him the baby.
Imelda Garza, Nueces EC | Corpus Christi

Is so sweet.
Sharon Mishkin | Via Facebook

Gets their way.
Marcia Brast, Pedernales EC | Buda

Gets left behind and lonely when the siblings leave one by one.
Amy Fitzgerald | Via Facebook

Will be their momma’s baby.
Julie Russell, HILCO EC | Whitney

Is the peacemaker between older siblings.
Debra Foster | Via Facebook

Receives the brunt of jokes and a lot of teasing.
Juana Bishop, Pedernales EC | Wimberley

Gets the other kids in trouble.
Kathen Stewart | Via Facebook

Will be the baby.
Marlene Macat, Bluebonnet EC | Bleiblerville

Gets everything we didn’t get.
Nancy Van Kirk | Via Facebook

Gets away with murder.
Melissa Leger, Pedernales EC | Spicewood

Gets spoiled when the older siblings fly the coop.
Betty Kay Sneed Walls | Via Facebook

Gets by with no rules.
Joy Bradford, CoServ | McKinney

Learns all the things not to do from the older ones.
Michele Lowrey | Via Facebook

Gets treated the same as everyone else. We are NOT spoiled.
Barbara Dolge, Guadalupe Valley EC | Cibolo

Cries the loudest.
Yolanda Solis | Via Facebook

Thinks she has it sooo tough (I’m the older sister).
Sarena Michaels, CoServ | Little Elm

Is a pain in the backside.
Diana Rodriguez | Via Facebook

Will be the first one to need bail money.
Arturo Sala, Guadalupe Valley EC | New Braunfels

Has the most compassion for elderly parents.
Shari Edwards | Via Facebook

Is introduced as the baby of the family, no matter if you are 5 or 64.
Celia Gurrola, Central Texas EC | Fredericksburg

Is the family clown.
Mary Pendleton Godfrey | Via Facebook

Figures out how to stay on their parents’ payroll.
Deborah Martin, Cherokee County EC | Whitehouse

Feels entitled.
Sharon Mueller | Via Facebook

Has broken legs when it comes time to pick up his toys (never worked).
Diane Murphy, Pedernales EC | Kempner

Are the best because the parents finally got it right.
J.W. Michels | Via Facebook

Gets the least punishment for his mistakes. Generally forgiven and forgotten in the same day.
Camilla Lopez, San Patricio EC | Sinton

Gets to do things we didn’t.
Joann Gaston | Via Facebook

Gets the benefit of the doubt.
Ginger Gregory, Bartlett EC | Jarrell

Comes through.
Ocie Stevenson | Via Facebook

Gets blamed for everything.
Darrell Stall, Fayette EC | Schulenburg

Is the sweetest, kindest, most intelligent of them all.
Peg Picone | Via Facebook

Has Momma wrapped around their finger at any age.
Dala Burk, Wise EC | Decatur

Gets their way.
Sharon Lynn | Via Facebook

Gets away with everything and nothing. Parents are hip by then to everything kids and teens do, but at the same time, they aren’t as worried and overprotective—or perhaps they are too worn out to care too much about bringing the hammer down on them.
Ronda Ingram, Hamilton County EC | Gatesville

Is independent.
Betty Gail Benningfield | Via Facebook

Agitates the oldest.
Steven Kraatz | Via Facebook

Has the fewest baby photos.
Mimi Champaign Klemm | Via Facebook

Always got my way.
Patricia Bailey Baugh | Via Facebook