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Finish This Sentence

The Hardest Job in the World Has To Be …

Here are the many ways readers finished this sentence

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A single mom.
Tish Cortinas, CoServ | McKinney

That’s easy. Utility lineman.
Gina Schulte Halle | Via Facebook

Still being a rancher in Central Texas when you are 88 years old.
Scott Singleton, Pedernales EC | Marble Falls

Taking care of your aging, ailing parents.
Mary Diaz, Grayson-Collin EC | Sherman

The caretaker of a spouse with dementia.
Sharon Martin, United Cooperative Services | Granbury

Being a full-time caregiver to a parent with dementia. I did it for three years. It was a blessing to have been able to help and care for my mom, but it was tough.
Sara Arredondo | Via Facebook

Telling your bride her meal was delicious when it wasn’t.
Craig Massouh, Pedernales EC | Sattler

Being a full-time mom. We are doctors, cooks, playmates, chauffeurs, alarm clocks and teachers. We kiss boo-boos, help to mend broken hearts, feed our families, clean our homes, do the shopping and more. But we love what we do, and nothing can replace being a mom.
Genia Jones Rodriguez | Via Facebook

Learning patience.
Barbara Wood, Lamar Electric | Cooper

Fishing trawler in the Arctic or septic tank pumper.
Lynne Tuttle Phillips | Via Facebook

Stay-at-home mom.
Janie Davila, Pedernales EC | Buda

Being a parent.
Sherry Crecraft Krupinski | Via Facebook

A mother. No other person works so hard and expects so little in return.
Frankie Hail, Guadalupe Valley EC | Seguin

Increasingly, being a teacher.
Joy B. Adams Custer | Via Facebook

That person trying to save others’ lives.
Anthony Murphy, Trinity Valley EC | Heartland

Caregiver to your mom who has Alzheimer’s disease.
Donna Brown | Via Facebook

Being true to yourself. Also, it is the easiest.
Joseph Craig, Pedernales EC | Round Rock

Being a parent. Whether a child is 1 day old or 60, you always worry about them.
Dorothy Uptmor | Via Facebook

A child, adolescent, teenager living in these times when there is so much controversy about social media, gender, technology and the health crisis.
Norma E. Martinez, Magic Valley EC | Mission

Stay-at-home mother.
Penny Haulman | Via Facebook

President of the United States.
David and Judith Bronson, Bandera EC | Bandera

Being a teacher. It is very tiring, draining, time-consuming—even at home—and expensive.
Brenda Ruschhaupt | Via Facebook

Being a new mom.
Paige Prince, Pedernales EC | Dripping Springs

Taking care of an aging parent who doesn’t even remember who you are.
Marla Horn | Via Facebook

Cheryl Scott, Bandera EC | Boerne

Working as a nursing aide in a nursing home.
Linda Eaton | Via Facebook

Saying goodbye to your soldier.
Debbie Lincoln, United Cooperative Services | Morgan Mill

Climbing poles in freezing rain at night to restore power to customers.
Otis Linam | Via Facebook

Being a loving, patient, nurturing mom beginning before birth and into childhood, teens, adulthood and even after.
Betty Hoekstra, Pedernales EC | Boerne

Santa on Christmas Eve.
Kay Bell | Via Facebook

President of the U.S.
Lois Thompson, United Cooperative Services | Alvarado

Teaching a teenager how to drive.
Barry Stevens, Pedernales EC | Georgetown

Being one’s self.
Bill Waddill, United Cooperative Services | Granbury

After winning the lottery, determining who your real relatives are.
Merle Raymond, Pedernales EC | Spring Branch

Raising children.
Betty Liebman, CoServ | Aubrey

A teacher because they don’t know what to expect on a day-to-day basis.
Roland Contreras, Bluebonnet EC | Burton

A judge in our courts.
Sherry Gunn, Tri-County EC | Azle

Restoring power to the community 20 feet up in a bucket in minus 7-degree weather with the wind blowing 40 mph.
Marvin Reeves, Pedernales EC | Kyle

To do what is right. It’s real easy not to do what is right.
Bill Williams, Tri-County EC | Springtown

Raising children right.
Randall Skiles, Trinity Valley EC | Mabank

A pediatric oncology nurse. When the heart is heavy, the body is tired also.
Debbie Harrison, Houston County EC | Crockett

Being a mom to your mom. I always thought just being a mom was hard, but taking care of your mom who is in the early stages of dementia is a tough job.
Suzanne Reeves, Trinity Valley EC | Mabank

Being a parent. At times it feels like you’re being pecked to death by a rooster.
Lori Ray, South Plains EC | Lubbock

Pulling porcupine needles out of my dog’s nose.
Kenneth Campbell, United Cooperative Services | Cleburne

Being a mother. I have four children, 10 grandchildren. It’s a job with no instruction manual, lots of moving parts, no time off, no holidays, no vacation pay and no retirement.
Patricia Fabby, HILCO EC | Waxahachie

Raising children to be respectful, dependable and caring for others but most of all to love God.
Joanne Cherry, Guadalupe Valley EC | Seguin

Sewer diving in Mexico City.
Don Lee, Pedernales EC | Dripping Springs

Raising children.
Lisa Latham, Bowie-Cass EC | Omaha

Caregiver to a loved one.
Tricia McMahan, Tri-County EC | Keller

Being a mom—a single mom.
Lori Weidner, Pedernales EC | Spring Branch

The funeral home guy and grave diggers in a small town.
Julie Landers, Fannin County EC | Wolfe City

Judging a jam and jelly recipe contest.
Jim Whelan, MidSouth EC | Montgomery

The caretaker of a spouse with dementia.
Sharon Martin, United Cooperative Services | Granbury

Burying one of your children. I know; I had to do it.
David William, MidSouth EC | Montgomery

Raising children. It is also the most rewarding.
Rhonda Jordan, San Bernard EC | Hockley

That of a police officer. We are parents, family counselors, ministers, teachers, advocates, lifeline/CPR providers, deliverers of life, personal body shields from gunfire and other weapons, babysitters, negotiators, day and night shift workers, always on duty, and volunteers, just to name a few. We run into danger when most run out.
Christella Rodriguez, Nueces EC and Jackson EC | Bay City

Motherhood. It is a lifetime job, no retirement.
Connie Hendricks, Guadalupe Valley EC | Seguin

By far, hands down, without a shadow of a doubt, being a good parent to teenagers.
Monica Miller, Bluebonnet EC | Bastrop

Watching your rearview mirror for tailgaters.
Russell Moore, Pedernales EC | Kyle

Being the parent and full-time caretaker of a child with Rett syndrome.
Amie Gettel, Bartlett EC | Jarrell

A lineman in the winter.
Jay Johnson, Big Country EC | Anson

Parenting. It doesn’t come with an instruction book.
Alice Stewart, San Bernard EC | Hempstead

Finishing other people’s sentences.
Bruce Looman, Bluebonnet EC | Bastrop

Raising kids.
John Parkins, Central Texas EC | Albert

Living up to the standards you set.
Dee Stewart, Wood County EC | Alba

Being a parent.
Norma Armstrong, Sam Houston EC | Woodville

One that you hate.
J. Dann, Navasota Valley EC | Jewett

Paul Cheek, Grayson-Collin EC | Whitewright

Keeping your head when the world is blowing apart around you.
Gary Fitzgerald, Houston County EC | Palestine

Victoria Marottaswanson, Fayette EC | Round Top

The one you’re most scared of failing to do well at.
Jennifer Roberts, Bluebonnet EC | Bastrop

President of the United States.
Deborah Lankford, Houston County EC | Apple Springs

Being a mother and parental caregiver.
Imelda N. Garza, Nueces EC | Corpus Christi

Picking up your weapon and standing your watch wherever you have been sent to do so in fulfillment of your sworn duty to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Here’s to all members of our armed forces, customs and border patrol, and first responders standing their watch so we may live in peace and security.
William Brush, Grayson-Collin EC | Anna

The one that no one else wants to have.
Ronald Glazener Jr., Guadalupe Valley EC | La Vernia

President of the United States.
William D. Clark, Bartlett EC | Jarrell