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Finish This Sentence

To Me, Being a Texan Means …

Here are the many ways readers finished this sentence

Here’s how our readers finished that sentence. Want more? Go here to help us finish this month’s sentence and see how readers completed previous sentences.

It’s already 90 degrees by 9 a.m. and saying, “Oh, what a beautiful day.”
Mike Whitley, McKinney | Grayson-Collin EC

Being the salt of the earth and having a salty story or two to prove it.
Mark Browning, Goodrich | Sam Houston EC

Not being a Californian anymore.
Dalene Masden, Mico | Medina EC

Naturally saying y’all and fixin’.
Candy Pennington Kiesow, Grapeland | Houston County EC

Setting a good example of fairness with everyone, no matter who they are or what color they are.
Mary Harris

Unafraid of big dreams.
Karen Beverly

That feeling of pride.
Dremma Haywood, Lone Oak | Farmers EC

Being devoted to liberty.
Mary Anne Smith

Never having to say you’re sorry.
Jim Barden, Utopia | Bandera EC

Never putting away your summer clothes.
Janet Mosley

Always saying y’all, fixin’ to and howdy without giving it a second thought.
Jo Virgil, Austin | Pedernales EC

Francisco Reyes

I’m home.
Peggy Irvine, Sanger | CoServ

Waving to and saying hi to people I don’t even know. And them responding likewise.
Donna Faldyn

Your word should be good as gold.
Lewis Sprague, Leander | Pedernales EC

Being civil and respectful to everyone.
Linda Paddie Sluiter

Having my Texan hat close at hand.
Penny Halpenny, Natalia | Medina EC

Keeping one eye on the horizon and the other where you step.
Barry Bouchard, Gainesville | PenTex Energy

A tasty plate of Tex-Mex and a cold Lone Star beer.
Michael Conner, Georgetown | Pedernales EC

My home is more than just a place. It’s the one-of-a-kind spirit of the people who share this land.
Dave R. Summers, Fredericksburg | Central Texas EC

Being part of the largest family of good people.
Tracy Mansell, Poolville | Tri-County EC

That I am truly blessed.
Jeanie Sprenger, Hondo | Medina EC

Yes, ma’am; no, sir; or common courtesy.
Patrick Beam, Canyon Lake | Pedernales EC

I will always advance through adversity.
Margaret Fontenot, Magnolia | Bluebonnet EC

True to your heart and God and respectful to all.
Charles Nelson, Canyon Lake | Pedernales EC

You have the courage to stand up and stand alone for the sake of good, just like the Lone Star State represents.
Brandon Morgan, Hemphill | Deep East Texas EC

Your handshake is your word.
Robbie Alexander, Tow | Central Texas EC

Having my culture, DNA and psyche rooted in the Lone Star State.
Clydell Wallace, Lampasas | Pedernales EC

Being a friend.
Charleen Worsham, Lake Cherokee | Rusk County EC

Howdy, how’s your family and God bless Texas.
Harry Gibbs, Comanche | CECA

Living in the friendliest state and always trying to do unto others with a smile.
Cindy Vasquez, Lyford | Magic Valley EC

Living where common sense prevails over nonsense.
Susan Hurn, East Tawakoni | Farmers EC

Friendliness and freedom.
Sean Denure, Reno | Tri-County EC

I’m home.
Barbara McCaughey, Sherman | Grayson-Collin EC

Stopping at Buc-ee’s on every road trip.
Xitlaly Cruz, Bryan | Bryan Texas Utilities

I can touch the moon when I hear the hiss and buzz of a Texas rattlesnake.
Howard New, Smithville | Bluebonnet EC

I get to wear boots all year long.
Rachel Whaley, Cibolo | Guadalupe Valley EC

I get to drive my bigger and better draft horses on my Texas land.
Hannah Stickle, Smithville | Bluebonnet EC

I am a proud American and a cowboy and put God first.
Moni Tabch, Mount Enterprise | Rusk County EC

I know where Willie Nelson lives.
George Stickle, Smithville | Bluebonnet EC

When I open my mouth, I don’t have to tell people where I’m from.
Elizabeth Stewart, Alba | Wood County EC

Having big blond hair.
Gloria Wark, Brenham | Bluebonnet EC

Big belt buckles, big hats and bigger hearts.
Wanda Gardner, Waterwood | Sam Houston EC

Whenever I travel in the world and someone asks where I’m from, I say Texas first. Then I may add “in the USA.”
Theresa Phinney, College Station | Bryan Texas Utilities

Having faith 24 hours a day, every day.
Jody Tyson, Brenham | Bluebonnet EC

Not having more hat than cows.
Leroy Wolff, Three Rivers | San Patricio EC and Bandera EC

Being proud of who I am and my ancestry.
Frances Wright Kulas, Azle | Tri-County EC

Everywhere you turn in rural Texas you will see a cow.
Tammy Duplechin, New York | Trinity Valley EC

Paying way too much for property taxes.
Troy Stevens, Tarkington Prairie | Sam Houston EC

Friendly people that don’t take any crap.
John Freeman

Never having to be second best.
Jim Lane, Mason | Central Texas EC

Understanding Texas just isn’t a state; it’s a state of mind.
Robert Alan Dueck

I am blessed.
Martha Feldtman Noell | Pedernales EC

Loving God, family, Texas and the USA.
Loyd Owen

Always willing to help your neighbor far and near in time of need.
Nita Frazier, Mullin | CECA

Beating the hell out of Washington state. God bless Texas.
Sarah Stanton

Anticipating the first bluebonnet to bloom.
Henrietta Olivares, Poteet | Karnes EC

Being proud of my Texas heritage and the men who fought for Texas’ independence. Men like my great-great-grandfather Dillard Cooper, one of only a few dozen survivors of the Goliad massacre.
Cheryl Cooper Cotton

Committing one of the Seven Deadly Sins: pride.
Steve Yates, Wimberley | Pedernales EC

Feeling a deep love for all that is precious about Texas, proud of your roots and the many rich cultures that make us who we are.
Cheryl Grayson

I have strong family roots.
Jan Morrow

Being proud of who I am in a state I adore.
Nita Fleitman, Saint Jo | PenTex Energy

You are never alone, even in the Lone Star State.
Robert Turner

We care for all our neighbors.
Rick Coulter, Roxton | Lamar Electric

Wearing a Stetson.
Elvira C. Welch, Corpus Christi | Nueces EC

Dan Olivier

Being proud, friendly and courageous.
Sherry Humphreys, Comal County | Pedernales EC

Being so blessed and thankful to live in the great state of Texas.
Joyce English

Being so proud that even just hearing the word Texas makes my heart do a flip.
Karen Brister, Leander | Pedernales EC

I’m grateful.
Roswitha Austin

Life, liberty and happiness.
Linda Barbara, Tyler | Wood County EC

Pride in a heritage of hardworking, independent, friendly, caring people.
Janna York Wood

No matter where I live, Texas is always home.
Sylvia Jankord, Seguin | Guadalupe Valley EC

Standing respectfully tall and proud, even though I’m just 5-2.
Nancy Renovato

Saying stuff like, “If you have to ask, then it probably means you ain’t from around here, now doesn’t it?”
Kenneth Light, Buda | Pedernales EC

Being the best because Texas is the garden of America and has the strongest spirit and people.
Derek Scrimshire

My late husband, Jack, being able to wear his boots and cowboy hat to a formal wedding and fitting right in.
Jan Myers, Bryant Station | Heart of Texas EC

There’s no place like home, and that is Texas—great food, friendly people.
Peggy Dawley

We are willing to help others in their time of need, but “Don’t Mess With Texas” because we are good-hearted people, and we take care of our own.
Candy Crouch, Beeville | San Patricio EC

Bragging about how great Texas is.
Viola Easley

Living in the same state where my Czech ancestors settled in the late 19th century, as well as living in a state that can, on the same day, incur hot and cold temperatures, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.
Anthony Piwetz, Victoria | Nueces EC

Living the American dream with great people.
Gene Debbie Jones

Doing the right thing, being proud of your state and helping your neighbor.
L.E. Foster, Lubbock | South Plains EC

I’ll love you and pray with you, or I’ll take you out and pray over you. Choose wisely.
Joe Bigbee

Never having to say you are from somewhere else.
Robert Sargent, Gordonville | Grayson-Collin EC

Being proud and free.
Barbara Jones Maxwell

A very deep-seated sense of pride, resourcefulness and independence.
Keith Chapman, Tyler | Rusk County EC

I’m an American.
Kevin Trom

Having an independent, can-do spirit.
Nancy Fuelberg, Burton | Bluebonnet EC

Spelling ya’ll right instead of spelling it the FB way—y’all. My phone spellcheck has finally learned how to spell ya’ll.
Nancy Jeanette Lancaster Quade

Carrying on a tradition of pride and excellence rooted in our Texas history.
Nancy Philabaum, Fayetteville | San Bernard EC

Come and take it.
Brett McCally Davis

I will have friends anywhere in the world.
Connie Keck, Staples | Bluebonnet EC

Having pride in your state.
Denise Cosper

UT football, margs, chips and queso, swimming in the Blanco River and saying y’all.
Holli Hegefeld, Austin | Pedernales EC

Flip-flops all year.
Liza Cepeda

Owning cowboy (or -girl) boots, wearing burnt orange even if it’s not in your color wheel and loving to see a mix of longhorns grazing in a pasture.
Judy Collins, Spicewood | Pedernales EC

It’s in my blood.
Michael Koliba

Never having to say you’re sorry.
Brent Robinson, Newcastle | Fort Belknap EC

Ivan Line

A blessing.
Jerry Ray Jr.

I love Mexican food and good margaritas.
Janet Morish, Little Elm | CoServ

Being friendly and helpful to others.
Sandra Schutes

Being proud of our history.
Judy Miller, Llano | Central Texas EC

I’m Texan-born, raised, and live in the best state in the USA.
Sharon Sims

My memory of my bride in 1976 as we watched the bicentennial fireworks from our all-adult apartment complex.
L.M. McKee, Chriesman | Bluebonnet EC

A place where the word honor still has value.
Cathy Torbert Dent

Never having to say you’re sorry.
Melissa Ames, La Coste | Bandera EC

Doing things right the first time.
Jimmy Charlton

Integrity and honesty—where a handshake still stands for a sealed deal.
Gaye Hester, Beeville and George West | San Patricio EC

It’s God’s country.
Rhonda Hardin

Being a witness to some of the greatest sunrises and sunsets God ever produced.
Flavius Harkrider, Liberty Hill | Pedernales EC

Seeing our flag proudly carried at our newly opened rodeos and a prayer for everyone.
Jean Everett

Standing on a country road gazing at a beautiful field of bluebonnets while standing on my ancestors’ footprints.
Margie Seaman, Madisonville | Houston County EC

Being in the only place I need to be.
Ray Welch

Having a little bit of heaven on Earth.
Mary Akers, Driftwood | Pedernales EC

Being proud, being different and having it all in one state and not making excuses about who you are.
Donna Pelkey Bailey

Cooking a little something extra each day just in case someone in town falls sick or dies.
Melanie Blakeslee, Marquez | Navasota Valley EC

Showing respect for others, whether they are young or old, whatever their ethnicity, and honoring the work our forefathers did to make this beautiful state what it is.
Azalea Aldinger

When I’m driving, I wave at all the other drivers on the road.
Susan Killough, Morgan | United Cooperative Services

We are God-fearing.
Cindi Billebault

If I wasn’t me, I’d want to be me.
Tim Harland, Brookeland | Deep East Texas EC

Enjoying the outdoors, wildflowers, stars, food, family, friends.
Selena Schindler

Being proud of the nearly two centuries of Texas heritage my family has built before me.
Bob Hoggard, Hedley | Greenbelt EC

Being close to God.
Janet Woodman

Deborah Jurica, Nursery | Victoria EC

Common sense with grit all over it.
Steve Steadham | Grayson-Collin EC

Being blessed.
Becky Allen Desborough

I’m strong and independent as the greatest state there is.
Sharon Carrigan, Lampasas | Hamilton County EC

Free, independent, happy and home.
Charles Harris

Having heartfelt love of our majestic parks, floating the Guadalupe River, fishing our beautiful lakes, eating great food and being warm-hearted to all—if someone is unkind, just smile and say, “Bless your heart.”
Teresa Matlow, Moss Hill | Sam Houston EC

A state of mind.
Carol Busse

Bluebonnets, big sky and boots.
Christine Lorence, Burnet | Pedernales EC

Francine Blair Standish

Never having to say you’re sorry.
Ken Calhoun, Pittsburg | Bowie-Cass EC

Hot weather.
Denise Sheffield

Growing pine trees and loving bluebonnets.
James Weaver, Timpson | Deep East Texas EC

Life is good.
George Bennett Jr.

Blood, sweat and tears—and a little pride and joy.
Tinker Cotton, Kyle | Pedernales EC

Speaking the whole truth to whomever, whenever.
Pjae Stanley, Little Elm | CoServ

Being a proud American but being dyed-in-the-wool Texan first.
Sandra Williams

Being proud but humble.
Chris Dean, Azle | Tri-County EC

Exactly that—a Texan.
Connie Qualls

You wave and smile at everyone.
Betty Janis Tedford, Tye | Taylor EC

When asked, “Where are you from?” we don’t say, “From Texas.” We say, “I’m a Texan.”
Randy Welborn

You can tell me this and tell me that, but I’ll tell you what.
B. Billingsley, Bastrop County | Bluebonnet EC

Lone Star beer and Bob Wills music.
Terry Campbell

Enjoying brisket, Blue Bell ice cream and bull riding.
Michael D’Addio, Highland Village | CoServ

Everything I live for is deep in my heart.
Jeannie Busch

Protecting our wildlife critters.
Jeanette Murphy, Hale Center | South Plains EC

Never having to apologize to a rattlesnake.
David Davis

Respect for all living beings, even the four-legged ones.
Beverly Barnt

Pride in my state.
Barbara Schultz

Wearing my straw hat in public without getting those—you know them—looks.
Doris Steele

Being myself. It’s all I will ever know.
Tom Jones