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For Electric Cooperative Members
For Electric Cooperative Members
Trinity Valley EC News

Together We Strengthen Our Community

TVEC powers the community by providing reliable electricity and funding local charities

At Trinity Valley Electric Cooperative, our primary mission is to provide the electricity that powers your life—it’s what we do best.

But TVEC is more than an electric utility. We’re also a part of your community. The directors and employees of this cooperative are your neighbors, friends and even family. And just like you, we want to see our community succeed.

We’re local people working for local good. That’s the essence of Cooperative Principle No. 7, Concern for Community.

First and foremost, we strengthen our community by providing safe and reliable electricity at a reasonable price. We are a dynamic part of our community, and as the area grows, so does our distribution system.

We have strong roots in this community. TVEC has been in business here for more than 80 years, and we are not going anywhere. Our business began here, and we will not pull up stakes to pursue greener pastures elsewhere.

TVEC employees provide educational opportunities throughout the community, including safety and efficiency programs for schools and civic clubs.

Don Johnson

By providing jobs and a steady supply of electricity, the co-op helps the local economy stay strong. We pay our employees fair wages, and when they spend that money here, that helps strengthen the economy. And by offering good jobs, we keep our towns healthy because employees and their families don’t have to move away to make a decent living. The more people we have here paying taxes and contributing to the community, the more vibrant it will be.

But the benefits to the community aren’t only financial. We open doors for our young people with scholarship programs and other opportunities. We teach children safety through programs in schools, and we provide safety tips and home improvement advice to adult members so the whole family stays safe. We help our members save money by offering energy efficiency tips. And we strengthen the community by supporting local charities.

The co-op is made up of people who care. Our employees go out of their way to better the communities in which they live. They coach youth sports teams, serve on volunteer fire departments and participate in community activities. Many are co-op members like you, and, like you, they want to make their hometown stronger.