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For Electric Cooperative Members
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We Are Uvalde Strong

A message from CEO Herbert “Trey” Grebe III

On May 24, 2022, the unthinkable happened. An active shooter entered Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, taking a classroom hostage and ultimately killing 21 innocent people, injuring many others, and stealing the innocence of countless children. By the time you read this issue, more than a month will have passed since the incident. Maybe the news cycle has slowed, and the flowers have wilted, but as I sit down to write my July article, only a week has passed, and the event is still raw. I speak on behalf of the Medina Electric Cooperative team when I say we are praying and mourning with Uvalde during this unimaginable time.

Medina EC has an office in Uvalde on Highway 90 approximately 3.1 miles from Robb Elementary. Uvalde is home to many of our employees and members and is a community we are proud to be active in. We have employees whose children and family members were at the school and employees who are grieving the loss of loved ones. As a co-op family, this grief is felt across our entire team.

In the week that this event has taken place, I’m reminded of the goodness that is still in the world, and at Medina EC. I witnessed employees at Medina EC reaching out and comforting co-workers, praying, and stepping up in their communities to serve in a time of need. It is refreshing to see that when evil strikes, goodness will prevail, and light will outshine the darkness.

I would like to thank the other cooperatives, our vendors and business partners who have reached out to our team to offer words and acts of support. We are thankful to work alongside such caring groups of people.

I know grief and healing is a long-term process. Medina EC has committed to supporting our tight-knit communities since 1938, and we will continue to support Uvalde through these trying times—now and long into the future.

We are Uvalde Strong.

Until next time,
Trey Grebe