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For Electric Cooperative Members

What Did You Learn Today?

Some of the stuff we looked into while you were reading last month’s issue

Eye on Language

Merriam-Webster added “doorbell camera” to its dictionary in 2021 as more consumers incorporate home security measures.

A two-word term added to the dictionary 100 years ago was “eye shadow.” Even though ancient Egyptians are known to have worn eye makeup, cosmetics use emerged as a trend in the U.S. in the years after World War I. Thus, eye shadow made it into the lexicon in 1922.


teacher standing in the school hallway

Which teachers do you most appreciate?

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Head of the Class

In celebration of National Teacher Appreciation Day—May 3—Texas Co-op Power staffers fondly remember our influential teachers.

Chris Burrows: Jazz legend Maynard Ferguson played at my high school after an invite from my band teacher, instilling in me a love of America’s music.

Travis Hill: My middle school Old Testament teacher introduced a world of avant-garde art, film and music that altered my worldview.

Jessica Ridge: My fifth grade teacher cheered me on from the auditorium as I competed in the city spelling bee, the year she taught me and the next.

Jane Sharpe: My third grade art teacher inspired me to design “magazines” on notebook pages bound with yarn.

Tom Widlowski: A high school teacher sparked my love for language and writing, which I turned into a career.


Is Your AC OK?

Now is a perfect time to schedule the annual tuneup for your home’s cooling system. Your electric cooperative wants to help you save money, and a tuneup will help your AC run efficiently.


pink rose on white background

Only Christmas and Hanukkah surpass Mother’s Day for most purchases of fresh flowers and plants.

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Merchandising Mom

Shoppers spent an average of $220 on Mother’s Day gifts in 2021. Her special day is May 8 this year.

Sorry, dads: Father’s Day gifts averaged $174.


Danger of Downed Lines

Never touch or even approach a downed power line. Here’s why:

Even though it’s on the ground, it can still be energized. You can’t see or hear whether the line is live.

Overhead lines are rarely insulated, so there is no protection from electrocution.

The ground near a downed line can be energized.

Never forget these guidelines and share them with friends and family, especially during May—National Electrical Safety Month.


In the Red

Mars can’t yet sustain humans, but it can sustain ketchup. Heinz teamed up with researchers to grow tomatoes in a Mars-like environment—with soil, climate and water conditions similar to the red planet—to fill bottles of its experimental Heinz Tomato Ketchup Marz Edition. It’s not available for purchase, but Mars’ first Texans will probably pack their own Whataburger spicy ketchup anyway.