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For Electric Cooperative Members
For Electric Cooperative Members
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Who Powers You

At South Plains Electric, we know our communities are filled with many unsung heroes who are making a difference

For the fourth year, Touchstone Energy Cooperatives® has held the #WhoPowersYou contest. This contest recognizes co-op members from across the country for their efforts in making a difference in their communities. 

We are proud that one of our own members, Sue Murdoch, received third place in the nationwide contest. SPEC member, Shana Hyde, nominated Sue for this award.

Sue puts together fleece blankets for children who are removed from their homes and placed somewhere else through Child Protective Services. She has a heart for kids who are dealing with uncertainty and likes for them to feel a little bit of security. Sue has donated over 1,000 blankets in the last four years.

The Operation Round Up Board voted to give Sue an additional $1,500 to help further her cause. Thank you, Sue, for what you do for our community!