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Win the Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving

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The 37th edition of Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving is filled to the brim with more than 75 new recipes, with handy tips and tricks for better fresh preserving. Every new edition of this guide is a chance to reflect contemporary tastes—but we are making sure never to lose sight of the values that make fresh preserving so special—after all, the Ball Blue Book Guide has been around since 1909.

With that said, welcome back all of our preserving veterans! And thank you. Thank you for your passion—for canning before it was cool and for keeping the tradition alive.

If you’re new to this whole thing: Don’t worry. Sure, you’ve got a thing or two to learn, but we promise it’ll be fun (really!). Fresh preserving is equal parts art and science: There are rules to follow, but there’s always more than enough room to express yourself.

We’re certainly canning experts—the first official Fresh Preserving Test Kitchen was started in 1976—but we love all kinds of fresh preserving; from dehydrating to freezing, you’ll find recipes for all inside. We’ve also added a brand new section devoted to dishes made with fresh preserved food, so you can put whatever you’ve made to work right away.

Our team of food experts developed and tested these recipes themselves and worked hard to put as much detail into them as possible. You should never feel lost or alone when making something new and awesome. The folks who love home canning are here to help.

So grab a few jars and let yourself Shine Through.

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