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Beware of Solar Scams

Contact MVEC for information when considering solar power

In some areas in the U.S., authorities are warning against impostor scams taking advantage of consumer interest in the solar power industry.

The scheme goes like this: A solar power company falsely claims to be some kind of state agency for clean energy or a government-affiliated entity. They use this fraudulent identity to falsely convince consumers that their business’ services are being performed on behalf of a state, county, or city.

In a recently reported scam, solar sales representatives provided a company name that appeared to be connected with a state government to gain access to a resident’s home. Once inside, the scammers took pictures of the residents’ appliances and energy meters and aggressively marketed vague solar products to them. These scammers disparaged other legitimate solar companies in an attempt to persuade the residents to purchase solar power systems from them.

Consumers may be more likely to believe these sales representatives because they present themselves as employees of official government offices. However, these scammers are simply misleading victims to gain entry to homes.

Government impostor scams are prevalent and may increase during certain times of the year.

Always think twice and do your homework to check references and reviews before inviting someone into your home or purchasing any services. A government entity will not go door to door to sell you solar power equipment.

Always verify the legitimacy of the company that a sales representative says he or she is affiliated with.

Ask for proper verification before letting any sales representative into your home. If you are suspicious of their identity, or if the sales representative refuses to provide it to you, do not hesitate to ask them to leave.

Remember, you can always consult with an attorney and your electric co- op before signing a contract. Magic Valley Electric Cooperative (MVEC) would like to remind you that MVEC is not associated with any solar companies and asks you to be cautious of any companies stating that they are partnered with us or that you will receive any kind of incentive for signing up; it is false.