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For Electric Cooperative Members
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Meet MidSouth: Fiber Support Tier 2 Team

Staff works with members to resolve installation and connection issues

In 2020, MidSouth Fiber Internet brought its very first subscriber online. Prior to that eventful day, your electric co-op vowed to provide the same level of service known to its electrical consumers to those relying on MidSouth internet. New teams and systems were created for the purpose of assisting fiber subscribers and addressing their specific needs. One team essential to MidSouth’s fiber operations is the Fiber Tier 2 support team.

Initially established as a one-person department, this team has grown substantially in two years. With more than 10,000 internet subscribers and counting, the co-op has several trained and knowledgeable fiber specialists awaiting your phone call or email to ensure you remain digitally connected. If you have been a MidSouth member for awhile, you may recognize a few of these team members as longtime employees. There are some new faces, and many are MidSouth Fiber Internet subscribers themselves.

Tier 2 is contacted when the fiber support center determines there may be a technical or physical problem causing an outage. A team member will speak directly with subscribers over the phone to troubleshoot their internet connection. If they’re unable to solve the problem quickly, Tier 2 has the authority to send a technician to the home or business within 30 minutes.

New installations also are handled by the Fiber Tier 2 team. They assist technicians in the field, provision equipment and remain on call 24/7 to ensure outages are restored promptly.

“We like to keep our outage response time under 24 hours. If it takes longer than 24 hours to restore an internet connection, then something drastic has happened,” says Laura Crawley, Fiber Tier 2 team supervisor.

The support team strives daily to provide exceptional service, following in the MidSouth Electric Co-op tradition.

“I have been working with MS Fiber for seven years now,” Crawley says. “I’ve always enjoyed helping people, but being able to assist on the technical side, I enjoy much more. MidSouth has been like a family—employees and members alike are very welcoming.”