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Focus on Texas: Abandoned Buildings

Don’t neglect the additional reader photos of abandoned buildings

Once vital parts of the community, abandoned buildings now stand quietly as we go about our daily lives. Amidst the ruin there is beauty, as the surrounding landscape slowly takes over.

Reagan Ferguson, Central Texas EC: Inside an old West Texas schoolhouse.

Amber Benson, Grayson-Collin EC: Sunset at Big Bend Ranch State Park.

Boyd Dreyer, Pedernales EC: An old farmhouse.

Carol Holbert, Concho Valley EC: Bob’s Oil Well in Matador.

Web Extra: George Gilchrist, San Patricio EC: “Abandoned gas station utilized local petrified wood as decorative and functional veneer. Folklore has it that during Prohibition, the station sold more moonshine than gas.”

Web Extra: John Hobbs, Bryan Texas Utilities: An old farmstead on U.S. 79 near Thrall.

Web Extra: Paul Lauder, Farmers EC: Abandoned barn along Highway 5.

Web Extra: Bobby Norris, Pedernales EC: “The Old Crawford Mill is located on FM 1105 near Walburg. It was the movie set location for the filming of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in 2003.”

Web Extra: Tim Benson, Lyntegar EC: Old grain elevator in Anton.

Web Extra: Rick Roberson, United Cooperative Services: “Facing the western sky, this old home has witnessed many a sunset in the small town of Lingleville. This particular evening did not disappoint as the setting sun cast its glow onto the crumbling facade with the eastern clouds offering a stunning backdrop.”

Web Extra: Linda Pratt, Pedernales EC: A barn on U.S. 183 in Leander.

Web Extra: Rick Blackmore, Pedernales EC: Set of Contrabando in Big Bend State Park.

Web Extra: Amanda McCuistion, Central Texas EC: Old school in Premont.

Web Extra: James YBarbo, Deep East Texas EC: Abandoned Airstream in Terlingua under the Milky Way.

Web Extra: Russell Marwitz, Heart of Texas EC: An old gin in Sharp, Milam County.