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Focus on Texas: Clocks

Got a second? Check out additional reader photos of clocks—it’s well worth your time

Just for old times’ sake, we’re taking a close look at clocks. Some might have a face only a mother could love, but all of them have the correct time at least twice a day.

Paul Garcia, Medina EC: Old windup clock that still works.

Reagan Ferguson, Central Texas EC: “The clock was given to my great-grandparents as a wedding gift in November 1885 in Medina.”

Cheri Hanson, Tri-County EC: The Wise County Courthouse in Decatur.

Beth West, Wood County EC: “This is the face of the grandfather clock that my father-in-law purchased in Italy many years ago.”

Web Extra: Candice Phillips, Tri-County EC: Grapevine City Hall clock tower.

Web Extra: Mike Prestigiacomo, Bartlett EC: “Although they are often styled to appear as 19th-century antiques, steam clocks are a more recent phenomenon inspired by the Gastown steam clock built by Raymond Saunders in 1977 [in Vancouver, British Columbia]. A steam clock is fully or partially powered by a steam engine. (Note the steam escaping from the top of the clock).”

Web Extra: Dolly King, Deep East Texas EC: King’s husband’s great-grandfather’s mantel clock sits with other clocks and pictures of them over their 35-plus years together.

Web Extra: Debbie Stohler, Pedernales EC: “Early 1900s IBM day clock, where the term ‘punching the clock’ came from.”

Web Extra: Alexis Revell, Guadalupe Valley EC: “A couple of beautiful clocks at a vintage shop in New Braunfels.”

Web Extra: Michael Lanty, Concho Valley EC: “The clock tower on the Sherwood Courthouse, built in 1901, is surmounted by a tower bearing a false clock with its hands set at the supposed time of Abraham Lincoln’s death.”

Web Extra: Bill Lepior, Farmers EC: The interior of a recently restored grandfather clock movement with a digital clock in the background.

Web Extra: Raymond Testa, Farmers EC: On Main Street in Royse City.

Web Extra: Michael Tussy, Farmers EC: Custom-made, 42-inch wall clock made from scrap wine crates from a liquor store.