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Focus on Texas: First Ride

Whether you’re cool behind the wheel or hanging onto a sheep for dear life, you’ve arrived at the perfect destination

From livestock to airplanes to carnival rides, Texans take pride in that first ride. Adventure calls to young and old alike. So hop in and let’s take this thing for a spin!

Lynn Leister, Guadalupe Valley EC: “Harper’s first mutton bustin’ ride at Yorktown Western Days.”

Jose Garza, Magic Valley EC: “Twenty-one-month-old Jordan takes his first pony ride and loves it.”

Paul Garcia, Medina EC: Garcia’s granddaughter got to take control momentarily during a youth program flight at the Castroville airport.

Judy Truesdell, Farmers EC: Kids race old-time pedal cars down Wylie’s Ballard Avenue.

Web Extra: Phil Pasche, CoServ: “This picture was taken by one of my dad’s friends in 1955. One of my favorite pictures of my dad driving his ’53 Chevy Bel Air in Brownwood.”

Web Extra: George Gentry, Medina EC: Billy Graham, then 16, on his first bull ride (unbeknownst to his mom) in a makeshift arena. Graham was thrown from the bull and thrown again from the same bull a week later and ended up in the hospital. Now, at 55, when challenged by his two daughters about riding bulls, he replied that it was “not the smartest thing I’ve ever done.”

Web Extra: Denise Sellers, Pedernales EC: “Talen Sellers on his first ride as a Young Eagles co-pilot.”

Web Extra: Tamela Shadden, Grayson-Collin EC: “Tatum was 2½ years old the first time she got to ride Tonto! She loves taking care of Tonto and riding him.”

Web Extra: Jean Sparks, HILCO EC: “Jeanie gets help riding a horse from cousin Tommy at his family’s ranch. Jeanie is now in her 80s.”

Web Extra: Cheryl Von Rosenberg, Bartlett EC: “Ava Streepy giving her little sister Rylee her first ride in the Barbie Jeep at grandparents David and Cheryl Von Rosenberg’s home in Rockdale.”

Web Extra: Theresa McKee, Fannin County EC: “Vintage merry-go-round for the yard. Growing up in the 1950s in rural Texas, many kids ran and ran in circles to get it going as fast as possible.”

Web Extra: Jeffrey Walston, Cherokee County EC: “We had to take Cinnamon to the vet. This was our first time to take her and her first ride in the Suburban. She was ready to get out.”

Web Extra: Susan Warner, South Plains EC: “Momma Allison and 2-year-old daughter Ariella riding for the first time on a carnival ride at the South Plains Fair. Ariella loved making the cup spin.”

Web Extra: Jonnie England, Nueces EC: The Texas Star is the most popular ride at the State Fair in Dallas.